Get it off you chest

SpeakIf you know one or two things about Continuous Delivery or DevOps and you just wanna get it off you chest, then you really should consider to submit a speaker biography and a presentation abstract, and we will get back to you, to see if your ideas fits into our program.

Our program across all events is quite diverse, so if it’s about CoDe or DevOps it probably do fit - somewhere!


You might not have spoken at a conference before, Don’t worry, first time is scary, but we’ve got plenty of room for new-comers. - but then again you might actually be a skilled world class presenter with a lot of experience; Good! We definitely wanna hear from you!

We’ll help you

You don’t need to submit a final, all-done-slides-are-ready-and-demo-can-be-downloaded kind of thing. Just give us an idea of what you want to talk about, and we can develop the concept together, we have plenty of experienced speakers who you can spare with, to develop it.

We promise to send
only awesome stuff