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The speakers

Nicole Forsgren

The Data on DevOps - Making the Case for Awesome

CEO and Chief Scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), Lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports

What’s the value proposition of DevOps? Does culture change show up in the bottom line? What practices predict high IT performance? We hear many stories to inspire and inform us, but the plural of anecdote is not data. Let’s dive into the research and find out which DevOps practices drive optimal IT and business outcomes.
The data shows that the best IT performers have the highest throughput and reliability while contributing to organizational profitability, productivity, and market share goals. Industry trends around security, containers, continuous delivery, and lean management relate to IT performance and quality: let’s talk about how.
Management and practitioners alike will leave with a better understanding of how to achieve the best outcomes, while armed with the data they need to make the case for change.

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James Grenning
Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto, Author of TDD for Embedded C, & Founder of Wingman Software
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Henk Kolk

Enabling agility at scale for the heavily regulated

Chief Engineer at ING

ING reorganized IT five times to increase agility and speed. After going agile / scrum for application development 6 years ago ING restructured the IT department in 180 agile DevOps teams. Then ING integrated the commercial colleagues in > 400 self-organizing squads (BizDevOps) inspired by Spotify’s organizational model.
Two years ago ING radically changed the people approach for software engineers to enable and reward engineering mastery. Last year ING restructured the infrastructure department empowering the engineers more. The last step is to implement an engineer centric control framework and fine-tune deployment pipelines to remove IT Risk related manual work and wait times.
ING is convinced that in order to go fast, engineers need to be in control. Full stack. Such changes require a lot of learning from everybody involved.

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Sally Goble

Perfect Software - the enemy of Continuous Delivery

Head of Quality at The Guardian

At the Guardian we deploy our software several hundred times a day. But working at this pace has meant changing our development practices. Engineering teams have adapted - working with Continuous Delivery and CI pipelines and product too are used to thinking about MVP to speed up time to market. But what about the other aspects of our software delivery teams and how they work?
I’ll argue that the best way to move towards rapid delivery is to reject the notion of perfection and work in radically new ways. I’ll look at case studies with testing/QA, UX and data teams and show how all those teams have decided that perfection at the point of delivery is outdated and old fashioned, and we should be instead learn to live with a bit of imperfection. I’ll look instead at the sometimes controversial methods we use to allow us to move as fast as our engineering teams.

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Steve Smith

Measuring Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery Consultant

Continuous Delivery is hard. The breadth and depth of recommended technology and organizational improvements, the smorgasbord of available tools, and the specific circumstances and constraints of your organization create a huge challenge. Difficult decisions must be made, every single day.
We can reduce uncertainty and make better decisions by measuring the stability and speed of the release process, the build process, and the codebase. These indicators of Continuous Delivery provide quantitative data on the impact of your changes, and pinpoint where the conversations need to happen so you can learn what’s working and what isn’t.
In this talk, Steve Smith will show how measuring stability and speed can power a successful adoption of Continuous Delivery in an organization of any size. This is a deep dive into the latest thinking on Continuous Delivery, backed up by long-term case studies in private and public sector organizations.

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Rasmus Hald

Kicking off DevOps with Cloud and bi-modual IT

Sr. Cloud Architect at Maersk

By now, most have heard about how DevOps can enable your business to become more effective in a world of Digital Tranformation. As most, you might also be scratching your head on how to get started. This talk will give you insight into how Marsk Transport & Logistics has used Cloud and bi-modual IT to enable digital projects with DevOps.

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Kris Buytaert

Moby is killing your DevOps efforts

Devops, Linux, and Open Source Expert, Inuits

Containers have been a round for over a decade, Docker for almost half of that, the new hipster tool is touted to be the ultimate DevOps tool, but is it ? This talk will show that docker sometimes is the anti-pattern , that it does exactly the opposite of what DevOps is trying to achieve. Often Docker is effectively widening the gaps between development and operations and reenforcing the silos we have been trying to break down. We’ll show how Docker is a nice development tool, but an operational nightmare. This talk is based on real life situations and will focus on both the cultural and the technical aspect of adopting containers. Next to showing the problems Docker brings we will also provide guidelines/example on how to do Docker right, as a team.

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Emily Bache

End-to-End Automated Testing in a Microservices Architecture

Senior Consultant at Praqma and Author

When you move from a monolithic architecture towards a distributed microservices setup, it makes some things easier, but other things become harder. Testing is one of those things that has a bit of both. Compared to a monolith, your tests probably have a lot more APIs they can access - each individual microservice can be tested in isolation, with the rest of the system mocked or stubbed. This can be really useful - you can have greater confidence that the parts of your system work by themselves - even quite large parts. In my experience, you don’t get away from the need for end-to-end tests entirely though. There can still be integration errors between the services. If you can write tests that exercise your whole system while none of your own services are replaced by a test double, you can find some pretty important issues, before you deploy to production.

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Jose Quaresma

Getting a Core Banking System in a few containers - why and how?

DevOps Lead, Accenture Denmark

In this presentation, you will hear about the initial stages of the journey of Nordea’s Core Banking Replacement Program into the world of containers. The Core Banking Program (CBP) is a crucial part of the Simplification Program that is underway in Nordea. This is of extreme importance for the bank to be able to realize its business strategy and stay competitive. CBP has two main goals - the replacement of Nordea’s Core Banking Platform and the unification of Nordea’s core systems in four Nordic countries. The chosen Core Banking Platform for CBP is Temenos’ T24. We’ll share the experiences and lessons learned setting up the Core Banking Platform in a containerized environment as well as the positive results achieved including provisioning (ease and time), deployment, and also what we gained from having more control of the whole environment (including database). Finally, we will take you through the next steps for CBP in Nordea’s OpenShift platform, both in the short and long term.

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12 Sep 2017


DI’s konference- og mødecenter
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18
1787 København V

Industriens Hus

*What should you expect at this conference?*{:.orange}

What should you expect at this conference?

The Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference will show you the tools and practices needed for your team to become a lean, mean, software developing machine.

Our conference brings to together technological wizards and industry big shots who will provide you with motivational keynotes and hard-hitting tales from the trenches.

Learn how to develop and deploy with ruthless efficiency. Get yourself tooled up and ready for DevOps!

*Join the free pre-conference meet-up!*{:.orange}

Join the free pre-conference meet-up!

As a warm up to the conference, we will have an evening of short talks on September 11th to get us in the spirit! You’ll get to hear Nicole Forsgren, Kris Buytaert, and more…

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