June 1st in Oslo

Day of Jenkins

A full day of hands-on workshops and demos around Jenkins®

The speakers

Robert Sandell
Software Engineer, CloudBees

Let’s build a pipeline, declarative style!

Since Jenkins 2.0 put the Jenkins Pipeline feature front and center we got a lot of good user feedback, one of the most mentioned was that pipelines had a high level of entry and were hard to get right for novice users. So on February 3rd we released the declarative pipeline syntax, made to give easy configuration as code with syntax checking, docker integration, conditional actions and foundations in place for a visual editor integrated in the new Blue Ocean UI. Let’s make a pipeline together in the declarative style and see how it works.

Andrey Devyatkin
CEO of Praqma Sweden

Doing Jenkins as CoDe using Docker, Groovy, JobDSL, and Pipeline

During this workshop, you will learn how to create a reproducible instance of Jenkins using Docker, Groovy, JobDSL, and Pipeline. We will cover not only jobs but also Jenkins global, security, and slaves configuration. Moreover, we will not only script Jenkins configuration but also make it rebuild and redeploy itself.

Oleg Nenashev
PhD, Engineer at CloudBees, Jenkins core team

Dark side of Jenkins - Dealing with agent connectivity issues

Almost all agent types in Jenkins use the Remoting library to communicate with the master, including JNLP and SSH agents. Although Jenkins’ ability to run tasks on multiple hosts is one of its success factors, agent connection stability is known to be a major pain point in large-scale installations. In this workshop, Oleg will talk about remoting internals, how to diagnose issues, how to configure Jenkins and underlying infrastructure, and the future of this layer in Jenkins.

*What is it all about?*{:.orange}

What is it all about?

A full day of hands-on workshops and demos of the Jenkins ecosystem and the newest trends in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and automation in general.

Day of Jenkins is for developers of all experience levels. You will learn about different aspects of Jenkins: from sessions on getting started with Jenkins to advanced pipelines and expert tricks: Jenkins as Code, Jenkins 2.0, BlueOcean, Pipeline…

Don’t miss your chance to meet and learn from Jenkins maintainers!

*Bring Your Own Laptop - BYOL*{:.orange}

Bring Your Own Laptop - BYOL

Day of Jenkins is not the usual conference. The interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn hands-on, following along with an instructor step-by-step.

1 Jun 2017


Thon Conference
Universitetsgaten 26
0162 Oslo

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