Day of Jenkins [as code]

A full day of presentations and workshops on Jenkins Configuration as Code, and the latest around Jenkins®

19 Oct 2018 Copenhagen

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Fri, 19 Oct 2018, 08:30—18:00, Copenhagen

Join us on October 19th for a full day of presentations and workshops on Jenkins® (as code)!

The main theme of the day will be Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC). Praqma and Cloudbees are currently developing the JCasC plugin and believe it will become THE configuration as code solution for Jenkins. Join this event to see for yourself and get involved in the project! You can find out more about the project here

Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Jenkins and strong supporter of JCasC, will join us and give a presentation on the current state of Jenkins. Come and learn from the master himself!

Pick your track for the day:

  • User track: Learn how to configure Jenkins as code and hear about all the latest efforts in the Jenkins ecosystem.
  • Contributor track: This is your chance to really get involved as a contributor in the Jenkins community. What can you bring to the JCasC project? Put your stamp on it!

Day of Jenkins is a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) event, so expect some hands-on sessions.


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