Day of Cloud Native
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Day of Cloud Native

A day of hands-on workshops on cloud native technologies. Save a seat today and bring your laptop!
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20 Mar 2018 Oslo

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Chaos Engineering for Cloud Native

CEO of and author

Cloud Native systems are made up of many moving parts that can fail, that are then built on top of and integrated with systems that can also fail. Throw into this mix the need for these parts to be under the stress of constant change and improvement under the increasing pressures of the business to deliver more and faster, and building systems that are reliable enough to have confidence in is a real challenge.

Enter the discipline of Chaos Engineering. Chaos Engineering is specifically concerned with helping you build confidence in your complex and rapidly evolving Cloud Native applications, so you can embrace and thrive on the inherent challenges of the approach.

In this workshop, Russ Miles will show you how to discover weaknesses in your Cloud Native systems and learn how to overcome them using Chaos Engineering. Employing a host of real-world examples and using the free and open source Chaos Toolkit, Russ will demonstrate how you can use Chaos Engineering today to tame your systems and enable them to thrive in the Cloud Native environment.

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Taking the Helm - Deploying K8S Applications from Code

PhD and DevOps Consultant, Praqma

Kubernetes can orchestrate application containers by creating K8S resources (pods, deployments, etc.). Helm is the Kubernetes package manager which allows users to package, reuse and distribute K8S resources. In this workshop, you will learn how Helm works and how to package and distribute your K8S applications. You will also learn how to use a declarative syntax to continuously deploy helm charts from code using Helmsman.

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Manage your Cloud Native Secrets with Vault

DevOps Consultant, Praqma

Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing. This workshop will show you how to deploy Vault in Kubernetes, and use it to store, manage, roll, and audit secrets in a dynamic cloud native environment.

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Intro to Container Storage

Product Manager at StorageOS

Developers have embraced containers and orchestration for the ease and flexibility of deploying web scale applications. However, many developers run into difficulties when building and migrating stateful applications. What are your options for storage in a cloud native architecture? Use Docker and Kubernetes to deploy, manage and scale storage in this workshop.

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Deployment Strategies

Engineer at Container Solutions

This workshop will provide an overview and walkthrough the various deployment strategies that can be adopted to release an application to Kubernetes. The session will include different use case scenario and help the candidate to practice and decide which strategy to use depending on its enterprise need.

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Cloud Native Monitoring and Alerting with Prometheus & Grafana

SRE Manager, Poppulo

When it comes to monitoring tools in the Cloud Native space, Prometheus is definitely hard to miss. It has quickly risen to be top of the class, with overwhelming adoption from other pieces of the Cloud Native puzzle.
In this workshop, you will get to learn as much as possible to get you started with Prometheus for monitoring a service-oriented architecture. We will cover: - The core concepts of Prometheus - Instrumenting your code to expose metrics - Querying Prometheus to gain insights on how your applications behave - Defining rules to trigger alerts based on metrics and thresholds - Building Grafana dashboards combining multiple metrics

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Senior Engineer at Container Solutions

Service meshes are quickly becoming an integral part of any Cloud Native platform and Istio is the most promising of these technologies. It enables intelligent routing and load balancing, as well as providing resilience against failing applications and unreliable networks.
In this workshop, attendees will get hands-on experience with Istio, learn how to integrate it with microservices, to perform advanced traffic routing and isolate application and network failures.

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Introduction to Kubernetes

Senior Consultant in Infrastructure and Security, Praqma

The workshop will show you how to get productive with Kubernetes. Through teaching and hands-on exercises you will learn the concepts in Kubernetes and the basics of running applications in a cloud native way.

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Tue, 20 Mar 2018, 08:30—18:00, Oslo

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a cloud! It’s… DAY OF CLOUD NATIVE!

An unmissable event for lovers of cloud solutions, containers and orchestration. Learn how to use the latest cloud technologies and hang out with other cloudsters.

Get down and nerdy with our 2 track programme featuring 8 workshops all focused on different cloud native technologies.

No boring keynotes! After a short introduction we’ll dive straight into hands-on workshops.

Bring: Your laptop and an open mind.
Receive: The skills to build and operate cloud native applications

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All workshops and detailed program will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!



Registration & breakfast


Welcome Presentation

Mike Long



Introduction to Kubernetes

Muhammad Kamran Azeem

Manage your Cloud Native Secrets with Vault

Henrik Hoegh



Deployment Strategies

Etienne Tremel

Cloud Native Monitoring and Alerting with Prometheus & Grafana

Pierre Vincent



Intro to Container Storage

Cheryl Hung



Taking the Helm - Deploying K8S Applications from Code

Sami Alajrami

Chaos Engineering for Cloud Native

Russell Miles



Panel Discussion





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