Your go-to page for all kind of Continuous Delivery and DevOps related events in Scandinavia

What is code-conf.com ?

Your go-to page for all kind of Continuous Delivery and DevOps related events - conferences, meet-ups, seminars, and hackathons - in Scandinavia.

CoDe-CONF is short for Continuous Delivery Conferences. CoDe is how we abbreviate Continuous Delivery.

It’s all about the community

Our events all have one thing in common, no matter what topic they are focusing on. We gather the people in the software industry, that are curious or already devoted to this emerging paradigm within software development to build quality into software instead gluing it on afterwards. That new paradigm is recognized apparent in: DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Automation, Anything as Code, Programmable and Immutable Infrastructure, Cloud Native…

We regard this domain as a community, we want to gather everyone who’s interested, so we can all learn and grow from knowledge sharing. We put our trust in the wisdom of the crowd.

Who is speaking?

We have some pretty posh celebrities, technological wizards and industry big shots presenting at some of our events, as well as some up-and-comers, people with a valuable story to share, and young developers with a cool demo to present.

Want to speak at our next event?

Who is behind it?

Praqma is the master mind behind this website and initiative. We claim ourselves experts in this field. We’re constantly exploring as well as exploiting techniques, tools and best practices in this field.

The reason for taking these events outside Praqma, and treating it as a separate brand was that we want it to be completely unbiased and unattached from our direct sales effort. We want people to know that there is no hidden agenda when we invite, only the agenda that’s on the rooster. We are ambitious about these events. They are not just an extension of our business.

Code of Conduct

Praqma is a people’s company - we have fun, we joke a lot, we’re frank with each other, we embrace diversity. Together we represent 17 different nationalities and 1 out of 5 in Praqma is a woman. Our everyday work language is English, despite the fact that our offices are in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We’re all proud professionals, with a genuine interest in improving our industry - software Development, and we welcome everyone who wants to be part of this.

When we host events, we like to think that this environment and culture, that we have in Praqma is extended to include you - on the day of the event. We want to welcome you and even spoil you. We want you to have fun and be inspired.

But we also expect you to be nice and behave well.

We have come up with a short Code of Conduct. Our inspiration comes from confcodeofconduct.com which you can read if you want the long extended chatty version.

Our short - to the point - version goes like this:

We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone - no exceptions. Conference participants - presenters and attendees alike - If you violate this code of conduct, you may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference.

The point is, that you - and everyone - should feel safe when attending our conferences. If anything happens during the conference. Come see any of the conference officials and we will deal with it.

Join us!

See you AFK in the real world - we’re looking forward to it!