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A modern continuous delivery bootcamp for students

/images/pages/academy2017/tshirt.jpg It was a blast! In 2016, we started the Continuous Delivery Academy - a five-day course aimed at teaching students the best modern software development practices. We went to Trondheim, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Oslo, and gathered brilliant students and passionate teachers in a fun atmosphere. When asked, 100% of the attendees said they would recommend the CoDe Academy to a friend. So, we have decided to bring it to even more cities in 2017! If you read Danish, check out these articles on how we train future IT employees, the relatively high attendance of women, and learnings from Aarhus Academy attendees. Photos Academy in TRD Academy in CPH

Continuous Delivery Academy

Continuous Delivery

So you’re a student in the field of Computer Science — cool! But still, you get that sinking feeling that you’re missing out on important best practices of the modern era of Continuous Delivery and DevOps?

It’s free. Honestly

It’s free.

Students are offered a free seat at the CoDe Academy! The only catch is that each day there will be a pitch from one of the sponsors about their company. But then again, they’re only here to recruit, so it makes sense right? But seriously, lunch will be free.

Learn the latest skills

the latest skills

Four days of intense hands-on Continuous Delivery training. A primer on Agile teaching you to groom tasks. Advanced version control with Git. Build and test automation with Jenkins. Test Driven Development to build quality in! Build, Ship, Run with Docker.

But why?

But why?

Here is the thing — demand for Continuous Delivery and DevOps skills is far outstripping what is available in the job market. We at Praqma are feeling this most acutely. So we thought: “Why do we only train our new recruits? Why not train everyone looking for work! So that not only Praqma employees get these skills but all people entering the industry?”



Each location will have four companies supporting the academy. Companies are looking to recruit in this field — you’ll be given a pitch by each one of them. Each Academy season has a set of technology sponsors as well. They are just happy to support the Continuous Delivery and DevOps revolution — and throw you swags.

Where and when it’s happening

Academies will take place from June to September in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, and Stockholm.
Training will be in English, for four days from 9 to 16.
The exact dates will be announced soon.

Who can attend

You’re eligible to enroll, if you are either a student or an unemployed recent graduate in a field related to computer science.