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A free 4-day Continuous Delivery bootcamp for students

8 — 11 Aug 2017

The Continuous Delivery Academy is back in Oslo!

During 4 days, you will learn cutting edge tools, and do hands-on exercises on the best practices of the modern era of Continuous Delivery and DevOps in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

You will learn tips and tricks from professionals about how to use Git, Docker, Jenkins… but also do some testing and problem solving. And yes, some Lego games will be part of the training course!

On the last day, you will work in teams to put your new learnings into practice, and get a CoDe Academy diploma that you can add to your CV.

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Who can sign-up ?

You’re eligible to enroll, if you are either a student or an unemployed recent graduate in a software development discipline. We simply expect participants to be familiar with the linux command line and utilities, and have a basic understanding of coding.

The CoDe Academy is entirely free, you just need to register online and bring your laptop!

OBS: If you are full-time employed and are interested in attending this training, send a mail to to see how we can best help you.

CoDe Academy - Oslo background image
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Day 1: Welcome, Introduction to Continuous Delivery, Lego game, Git basics

On the first day we will talk about the context that we’re working in - Continuous Delivery. We will simulate the hectic worklife of the software developer with a fast paced Agile Lego Game as well as go through the basics of Git.

Day 2: Jenkins, Testing, Advanced Git & PIP

A big part of Continuous Delivery is automation and testing. Jenkins is the engine that allows us to do the Continuous part of CoDe. We will setup pipelines for our products and make sure that we are doing as little manual work as possible, while maximizing the work we can deliver. We will elevate you to advanced Git users and talk about workflows.

Day 3: Docker, Advanced Jenkins

We want everything to be reproducible and under version control. This obviously is true for the code that we write, but if our code doesn’t have anywhere to run, it doesn’t provide value. Docker is the container technology of choice for both startups and large organizations, and allows us to have our infrastructure as code, versioned and reproducible. We also scale up our Jenkins knowledge, so we can work in a world of scriptable infrastructure.

Day 4: Bring it all together & CoDe Academy graduation ‘ceremony’

It is time to apply what you’ve learnt. Let’s implement a full Continuous Delivery pipeline on a small project. Demo your cool pipeline, and make sure you have all the cogs to make the Continuous Delivery machine work on all your future projects!


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