Continuous Delivery Academy

past event

Continuous Delivery Academy

A free four-day training course for students

Past event 11 Jul 2018 - 31 Aug 2018 Scandinavia

Why attend

Why attend?

So you’re a student in the field of Computer Science — cool! But still, you get that sinking feeling that you’re missing out on important best practices of the modern era of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. It’s time to get tooled up!


What to expect?

Four days of intense hands-on Continuous Delivery training. A primer on Agile teaching you to groom tasks. Advanced version control with Git. Build and test automation with Jenkins. Test Driven Development to build quality in! Build, Ship, Run with Docker.

It’s free. Honestly

It’s free. Honestly

Students and unemployed recent graduates in a field related to computer science can sign up for free. It’s as simple as that.

Why is it free

Why is it free?

We see today’s students graduating from their degree programs without even encountering our domain of knowledge: DevOps, Automation and Continuous Delivery. This is our response.



Each location will have some sponsors that are happy to support the Continuous Delivery and DevOps revolution and/or are looking to recruit in this field. If your company likes the idea, just send a mail to


Wed, 11 Jul 2018 - Fri, 31 Aug, Scandinavia

Where and when it’s happening? The Continuous Delivery Academy usually runs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the break in June, August or December. Training will be in English, for four days from 9 to 16.

In previous years we have visited:

  • IT University of Copenhagen
  • Norway’s Technical University (NTNU) in Trondheim
  • Computer Science Dept. of Oslo University
  • Chalmers - Sweden’s Technical University in Gothenburg
  • Computer Science Dept. of Aarhus University

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