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Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference - Copenhagen

The CoDe conference brings together technologists and industry leaders and focuses on innovation through Continuous Delivery and DevOps. This full day conference explores the multi-faceted area of CoDe, how IT influences the triple bottom line and what Continuous Delivery and DevOps really mean to businesses and how it can be achieved. Together we’ll be exploring the area of CoDe covering the entire Continuous Delivery Storyline and the many changes that impact how to produce and deliver quality software today.

13 Sep 2016
Marriott, Copenhagen

Keynote Speakers

Jan U. Hagen

Continuous Delivery - Lessons from the Aviation Industry

Associate professor ESMT

Assuming that Continuous Delivery is the solution to your problems, Jan will explore - through various stories - which character traits should be present in your team members if they are to build and deliver cutting edge software. He will touch on how to build such a team. A non-technical keynote for anyone who is managing, or is a member of, a team who are trying to implement continuous delivery.

Publications: ESMT

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Jørn Erik Jensen

Automation’s Awesome! Everything is Cool on an Agile Team!

Platform Architect, LEGO

LEGO is a well-known toy manufacturing company. Its web portal,, experiences significant web traffic each month and has gone through a number of iterations since its inception in 1996. It currently is comprised of hundreds of individual products. Leveraging automation for all aspects of the software delivery process, LEGO has gone from one deployment twice a month to multiple deployments every day! Join this session to learn how the team navigated challenges and how they approached transitioning a traditional software delivery process to an agile lean DevOps process.

LinkedIn: jornerikjensen

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Lars Kruse & Mike Long

CoDe - The Metaphors We Live By

Both are partners in Praqma

Having our hands buried deep into DevOps and Continuous Delivery - “CoDe” every single day, we tend to expand our vocabulary and lingo with metaphors, proverbs and anecdotes that enables us to understand and explain our domain. Mike and Lars will cover tales in the range from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction to Indonesia’s stone age population.

Twitter: lakruzz meekrosoft

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Jeppe Andersen

Always Be Releasing! A Journey Towards Continuous Deployment of Microservices

Lead Software Engineer, Momondo

With products that reach millions of users, the goal at Momondo is to get things done and released faster without breaking things. Moving from weekly or monthly releases to Continuous Deployment of software is challenging for any company - over the last year we took this challenge at Momondo. This talk will cover examples of why we decided to invest in adopting Continuous Deployment, and learnings from our journey that is still ongoing! These learnings are things you should consider in your adoption of Continuous Delivery or Deployment.

Twitter: @nocture LinkedIn: Jeppe Andersen

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Ed Thomson

Stop Breaking Things - Continuous Delivery at GitHub

Software Engineer, GitHub

You’ve probably heard the famous quote: “move fast and break things”. Of course we all want to move fast, but our customers expect reliable and working services. Can you move quickly, deliver continuously, but not break things? Learn about the tools and processes that GitHub uses to deploy continuously, while breaking as few things as possible, and how we detect and fix the problems that arise.

Twitter: ethomson

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Kristoffer Lippert

Elephant jiu jitsu - Throwing big things gracefully through the air

Director of project delivery, e2y

How deploying a relatively large and heavily integrated application in an elegant an speedy agile fashion turned out to not be quite as easy as it seemed. Following agile and Continuous Delivery principles when working with SAP hybris is a bit like practicing jiu jitsu with an elephant - the elephant has quite an impact on the end result. But it’s not impossible…

Twitter: kristofferli

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Seb Rose

Test automation is dead. Long live test automation!

Consultant & Coach, Claysnow

For Continuous Delivery to work well we need more test automation (or to be precise, we need to do less manual testing) but each initiative seems to deliver another pile of incomprehensible, brittle, unmaintainable scripts that suck resources and deliver questionable returns. The more we chase test automation, the further away it seems to get. Meanwhile, a growing band of organizations have found that wielding the power of examples in workshops (where the business, the developers and the testers collaborate) is helping promote early discovery of assumptions, risks and missing requirements. What’s more, these examples are powering the creation of a ubiquitous language, helping prevent future misunderstandings. And, if that isn’t enough already, these examples can then be automated, using tools like Cucumber, to become an executable specification. In this session, Seb asks: is this the test automation you were looking for?

Twitter: sebrose

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Mandi Walls

Successful Practices for Continuous Delivery

Solutions Engineering Manager, Chef

Infrastructure as Code and DevOps practices are necessary pre-requisites for safely adopting Continuous Delivery. With software becoming more and more crucial to business success in various parts of the market, speed of delivery becomes the game changer. This talk will explore some of the practices your team will need to adopt to safely move fast, continuously delivering value to your customers.

Twitter: @lnxchk LinkedIn: Mandi Walls

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Sven Peters

Coding Culture

Software geek working as an Evangelist, Atlassian.

Imagine a culture where the input of the whole organization turns an individual idea into a user story in just a couple of hours, where everybody’s goal is to make the customers job easier and more effective, and where you work on projects you love instead of projects you loathe. A great coding culture concentrates on making developers productive and happy by removing unnecessary overhead, bringing autonomous teams together, helping the individual programmer to innovate, and raising awareness among developers about how to create better code. I will talk about how to establish and foster a strong engineering-focused culture that scales from a small team to a huge organization with hundreds of developers. I’ll give lots of examples from our experience at Atlassian to show that once you’re working in a great coding culture, you won’t want to work anywhere else.

Twitter: @svenpet

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Stephen Hardisty

Screwing Up For Less

Director of Engineering, Rocket Internet

Traditionally, a lot of emphasis on building a quality product is focussed on prevention of bad things happening. Some of the mechanisms to create such positive outcomes aren’t always easily compatible with continuous deployment. This talk will cover alternative methods for ensuring quality.

Twitter: @moowahaha

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JP Morgenthal

Service Management as an Aspect of DevOps

Global Solutions Executive, OCTO, CSC.

CIOs and those charged with running IT Operations are challenged to deliver secure, audited, and reliable compute environments for the applications and data for the business. Behind the scenes these tasks are often accomplished by following onerous time-consuming processes and often the management of these environments and processes will be outsourced to multiple IT service providers. In addition, the division of work is often siloed into traditional “towers” that are not well integrated for cross-functional purposes. So, when traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) meets the cloud, and equally, DevOps, the is invariably going to be conflict. IT/ESM needs a reboot. As a factor of IT Transformation and Digital Transformation, IT no longer stands alone—or at least in a modern workplace it should not stand alone—it is the hub through which all other business services will see their efforts delivered. Marketing requires large-scale data analytics and webscale support for customer and partner access. Finance needs 360 degree views of how money is flowing through the business inclusive of unintended consequential impacts. The next incarnation of ESM is DevOps. It is all about leveraging a common set of tools and practices to deliver continuous delivery focused on operations management. This includes all aspects of managing, communications, automation, reporting, and monitoring. It’s all about operating IT in an era where everything is software and programmable. This session will explore the impact of the API economy, Service Integration & Management, and a growing software-defined infrastructure on the next generation of IT operations and how to prepare for the forthcoming changes.

Twitter: @jpmorgenthal

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Libo Francesco Cannici

First dates can be challenging!

Engineering Manager, Zendesk

Introducing continuous delivery in an existing organisation might not be easy. The more we have the process is cemented around a weekly release the more friction we might find. Libo will talk about the journey he and his team took to establish and agree a workflow in a global organisation and how they all stopped worrying and fell in love with the delivery bomb. He’ll touch on automated testing, code review and deployment rituals, deployment tools, performance monitoring and rollback emergency “gybe” manoeuvre.

Twitter: @libocannici

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8:30 Registration & Light Breakfast 9:00 Welcome & Announcements 9:15 Sponsor Line-Up 9:30 Key Note: Continuous Delivery: Lessons from the Aviation Industry, Professor Jan U. Hagen 10:15 Break 10:35 Screwing Up For Less, Stephen Hardisty, Rocket Internet Coding Culture, Sven Peters, Atlassian 11:05 Break 11:20 The proverbs we live by, M. Long & L. Kruse, Praqma Successful Practices for Continuous Delivery Mandi Walls, 11:50 Lunch 12:50 Elephant jiu jitsu - Throwing big things gracefully through the air, Kristoffer Lippert, e2y Stop Breaking Things - Continuous Delivery at GitHub, Edward Thomson, Github 13:20 Exhibition 14:20 Service Management as an Aspect of DevOps, JP Morgenthal, CSC Always Be Releasing! A Journey Towards Continuous Deployment of Microservices, Jeppe Andersen, Momondo 14:50 Break 15:00 The first date isn’t the easiest one, Libo Francesco Cannici, Zendesk Test automation is dead. Long live test automation!, Seb Rose, Claysnow 15:30 Break 15:50 KeyNote: Automation’s Awesome! Everything is Cool on an Agile Team!, Jørn Erik Jensen, LEGO 16:35 Panel Discussion 17:00 Wrap-Up & Socialize


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