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Experience a day of inspiring approaches to CoDe and DevOps !

Keynote Speakers

Nicole Forsgren See Slides

The Data on DevOps - Making the Case for Awesome

CEO and Chief Scientist at DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA), Lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports

What’s the value proposition of DevOps? Does culture change show up in the bottom line? What practices predict high IT performance? We hear many stories to inspire and inform us, but the plural of anecdote is not data. Let’s dive into the research and find out which DevOps practices drive optimal IT and business outcomes.
The data shows that the best IT performers have the highest throughput and reliability while contributing to organizational profitability, productivity, and market share goals. Industry trends around security, containers, continuous delivery, and lean management relate to IT performance and quality - let’s talk about how.
Management and practitioners alike will leave with a better understanding of how to achieve the best outcomes, while armed with the data they need to make the case for change.

Twitter: @nicolefv Website:

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James Grenning See Slides

Technical Excellence, you need it!

Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto, Author of TDD for Embedded C, & Founder of Wingman Software

Whether you are a manager, scrum master or engineer, you need to know why and how the technical practices of test-driven development, refactoring, continuous design, clean code and automated testing can help you and your organization be great. This talk will look into why so few agile teams employ engineering practices that support the tight iterative cycles of Agile and Scrum, and show why we should all strive for Technical Excellence.

Twitter: @jwgrenning Website: Wingman SW

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Henk Kolk See Slides

Enabling agility at scale for the heavily regulated

Chief Engineer at Nationale Nederlanden Group

ING reorganized IT five times to increase agility and speed. After going agile/scrum for application development 6 years ago, ING restructured the IT department in 180 agile DevOps teams. Then, ING integrated the commercial colleagues in >400 self-organizing squads (BizDevOps) inspired by Spotify’s organizational model.
Two years ago ING radically changed the people’s approach for software engineers to enable and reward engineering mastery. Last year, ING restructured the infrastructure department empowering the engineers more. The last step is to implement an engineer centric control framework and fine-tune deployment pipelines to remove IT Risk related manual work and wait times.
ING is convinced that in order to go fast, engineers need to be in control. Full stack. Such changes require a lot of learning from everybody involved.

Twitter: @henkkolk

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Anders Lundsgaard See Slides

DevOps journey in an Enterprise – Scania

Senior Engineer at Scania Connected Services

There is not one true definition of DevOps. In this talk Anders will present how the agile movement at Scania Connected Services has evolved to include DevOps practices.
This talk will answer these questions - What where the key factors on how 100 developers manage to increase delivery speed from 3 per year to 30+ per day? Why does cloud fit so well into the movement from a few monolithic applications to 100s of smaller services? What does Autonomous Teams mean to Scania?

Twitter: @anderslundsgard Github: anderslundsgard

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Tom Austin See Slides

Moving from application automation to true DevOps by including the database

Technical Engineer, Redgate Software

As software teams face increasing pressure to speed up the delivery cycle, the DevOps approach is gaining momentum. But the database is commonly a bottleneck. This presentation will explore how you can include the database in Continuous Integration and automated release management. Sharing best practices from high-performing IT organisations such as AFA Försäkring, we will discuss how you can extend DevOps practices to the database; increasing productivity, agility, and optimizing performance.

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Mieke Deenen See Slides

First Step to DevOps - Building Technical and Organizational Confidence Through Automated Deployments

Project Manager Deployment Automation, Mijlpaal/ UWV

UWV is a Dutch government agency responsible for the collection and payment of social security for all employees and for helping unemployed people (back) to work. As it is spending taxpayer money on critical social benefits, UWV is subject to intense public scrutiny.
Delivering mission-critical software without failure is one of the core themes, especially since every unavailability of their applications generates lots of negative publicity. Our 3 main KPI’s are availability, stability and performance.
When you want to implement DevOps, you will have some challenges. When you are a government agency that wants to implement DevOps, you will have some extra challenges.
This presentation is about our journey and how we managed the extra challenges. It will give the audience advice about how to pave the way for DevOps in a risk averse government agency.

Twitter: miekedeenen

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Pierre Vincent See Slides

Increasing visibility of distributed systems in production

SRE Manager, Poppulo

Understanding the running state of an application is the key to efficiently troubleshoot production issues and ultimately anticipate outages.
When systems grow larger and become distributed, the visibility of application health needs to become a first class concern; as the likelihood of something going wrong increases, the focus is shifting from increasing Mean-Time Between Failures to reducing Mean-Time To Recovery. The best way to achieve this consistently is to build in monitoring as an integral part of Product Development, instead of it being an after thought.
Monitoring can start simple, with basic telemetry such as Health-checks which will increase visibility in the system’s status. Exposing more advanced Metrics can then give more details on how the system is working, on a system level (e.g. resource usage), application level (e.g. response times) and business level (e.g. completed sales). Later on, these Health-checks & Metrics can be used to trigger alerts when observed values are outside of expected thresholds.
This talk aims at providing an overview of different monitoring patterns and how different tools can be used to help build a fuller picture of a running application.

Twitter: PierreVincent GitHub: PierreVincent

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Andrey Devyatkin See Slides

Design patterns for Continuous Delivery Pipelines

Founder and Senior Consultant at A59 IT Consulting AB

No two products are the same, and neither are their CD pipelines. Programming languages, build tools, frameworks, hardware, test engines, team culture and many other factors make CD pipelines for any given project unique. And still, there are some common patterns. Did you notice them? I started to collect design patterns for CD pipelines to help teams move faster and avoid common pitfalls. In this talk, I will share them with you.

Twitter: @Andrey9kin Linkedin: Andrey Devyatkin

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Mandi Walls See Slides

Lessons Learned from Configuration Management

Solutions Engineering Manager, Chef

Configuration Management has been around for ages, but it plays a large part in IT modernization and digital transformation for organizations moving forward in a digital-first world. Provisioning, manipulating, and managing the components that run important services for your company is still a complex requirement, made only more complex by the addition of technologies like containers and serverless. This talk will cover some of the highlights from the evolution of configuration management and the role it continues to play for organizations transforming to embrace more DevOps methods.

Twitter: @lnxchk LinkedIn: Mandi Walls

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Tobias Härdeman See Slides

Better gaming through CODE @ NetEnt

Head of Casino Operations, NetEnt AB

A walk-through of our journey at NetEnt of moving towards DevOps and Continuous Delivery. I will walk you through our history, achievements, lessons learned and challenges being a B2B provider in highly regulated markets.

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Ryan Sheldrake See Slides

Security at DevOps Speed

Solution Architect, Sonatype

Software development is pressed for faster and faster release cycles with acceptable quality, budget and security. As movements like CI, CD, and DevOps aim to cut down on release cycles, it’s security’s job to help control the risk. The risk landscape is complex as modern development practices increasingly consume more and more third party code. Traditional methods do not cut it anymore - it’s time for DevSecOps. This session gives an overview of how companies have implemented DevSecOps practices in their own delivery pipelines and how this can help increase developer awareness of risks affecting them. We’ll walk an example CI/CD Pipeline and explore how security has been embedded as a part of it, how the movement is shaping up and how standards are starting to follow suite.

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14 Sep 2017


Norra Latin - Stockholm City Conference Centre
Drottninggatan 71B
11136 Stockholm

Transportation to STOCCC

What should you expect at this conference?

The Continuous Delivery & DevOps Conference will show you the tools and practices needed for your team to become a lean, mean, software developing machine.

Our conference brings together technological wizards and industry big shots who will provide you with motivational keynotes and hard-hitting tales from the trenches.

Learn how to develop and deploy with ruthless efficiency. Get yourself tooled up and ready for DevOps!

Join the free pre-conference meet-up!

As a warm up to the conference, we will have an evening of short talks on September 13th to get us in the spirit! You’ll get to hear Nicole Forsgren and James Grenning. SEE MORE INFO HERE

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8:30 Registration & Breakfast 9:00 Welcome & Announcements Jenny Björneberg, Senior Consultant at Praqma 9:30 Keynote: The data on DevOps - Making the case for awesome Nicole Forsgren (DORA) 10:15 Break 10:30 Keynote: Enabling agility at scale for the heavily regulated Henk Kolk 11:15 Break 11:30 DevOps journey in an enterprise – Scania, Anders Lundsgaard (Scania) Moving from application automation to true DevOps by including the database, Tom Austin (Redgate Software) 12:00 Lunch 12:45 First step to DevOps - Building technical and organizational confidence through automated deployments, Mieke Deenen (Mijlpaal/UWV) Increasing visibility of distributed systems in production, Pierre Vincent (Poppulo) 13:15 Break 13:30 Design patterns for Continuous Delivery pipelines, Andrey Devyatkin (Praqma) Lessons learned from configuration management, Mandi Walls (Chef) 14:00 Exhibition and participatory discussion 15:00 Better gaming through CODE @ NetEnt, Tobias Härdeman (NetEnt) Security at DevOps speed, Ryan Sheldrake (Sonatype) 15:30 Break 15:45 Keynote: Technical Excellence, you need it! James Grenning (Wingman Software) 16:30 Q&A Session moderated by Jenny Björneberg, Senior Consultant at Praqma 17:00 Drinks and Social 18:30 End


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