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on May 3rd

A full day of Continuous Delivery for Embedded Software

/images/embedded_past.jpg A day to learn and share experiences! The concept of this event was a half a day of talks, and the other half was focused on open space discussions on architecture, version control, testing etc. Diverse companies from the embedded industries were represented. The participants said : “Best conference so far this year. Really worth the money” “Thank you very much for the well organized event. Got a lot out of it!” “I liked the format” http://www.praqma.com/stories/embedded-day-oslo/ Read blogpost https://www.flickr.com/photos/code-conf/albums/72157681289240471 See photos https://wingman-sw.com/articles/embedded-day-osl-2017 James’ slides

Keynote Speakers

James Grenning

Technical Excellence, You Need It

Co-Author of the Agile Manifesto, Author of TDD for Embedded C, & Founder of Wingman Software

Whether you are a manager, scrum master or engineer, you need to know why and how the technical practices of test-driven development, refactoring, continuous design, clean code and automated testing can help you and your organization be great. This talk will look into why so few agile teams employ engineering practices that support the tight iterative cycles of Agile and Scrum, and show why we should all strive for Technical Excellence.

Twitter: @jwgrenning Website: Wingman SW

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Mike Long

Continuous Delivery of Maintainable Embedded Software

Partner and CTO at Praqma

What are the specific challenges to Continuous Delivery in the industrial embedded software world? Mike will share his experience on how we can do component-based development for multi-product configurations, how to create a release from any version of our software and how we make sure we can maintain any software we have released to a customer.

Twitter: @meekrosoft

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Espen H. Albrektsen

Continuous Delivery and Functional Safety (IEC61508/SIL2)

Senior Software Manager at GasSecure

GasSecure has developed a truly wireless SIL2-certified detector hydrocarbons. IEC61508 imposes a lot of formal requirements on code quality, unit tests, integration tests and development process. They used Jenkins and several automated hardware test setups in order to minimize the amount of manual work required to fulfill the SIL2 requirement. This presentation will give a walkthrough of the tools they used and summarize lessons learnt.

Linkedin: Espen Halsaa Albrektsen

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Johan Abildskov

Why should I learn Git? I'm just a software developer

Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

Bringing change, even positive to an organization is always a challenge. Especially in an embedded world with strict requirements, certifications and challenges beyond the domain of pure software. Git is not just managing your code, but it is enabling your entire pipeline. We take a numbers approach and test our assumptions. Why is Git the best for Continuous Delivery. This talk will give you the bullets to help you shoot down the “we can’t” arguments.

Twitter: @randomsort

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3 May 2017


KS Agenda
Haakon VIIs gate 9
0161 Oslo

KS Agenda

Accelerating the Embedded world

Continuous Delivery is not a product, but a journey - and the ride can be challenging in embedded product development. How do you apply Agile concepts to embedded software development? How do you automate your deployments and tests? How do you scale build-test-release pipelines? How does DevOps fit in the culture of your organization?

At the Embedded Day, we will dig into these questions, explore what Continuous Delivery and dev, test and operations automation really mean to businesses, and how your organization can get there. Together, we will follow the Continuous Delivery storyline and identify the key approaches that can accelerate the way we produce and deliver quality software today.

Open space discussions - share your experience and hear what others are doing in your industry. You will gain new knowledge and insights from networking with attendees and presenters, and will be inspired to take the next step in your journey towards Continuous Delivery.

Join us and see for yourself!

Post conference training by James Grenning

Two-day post-conference training on May 4th and 5th Embedded Test-Driven Development training course by James Grenning for Embedded Software Developers, Software Developers, Technical team leaders and Managers that want to know the technology they manage.

This training course helps you build knowledge, understanding and skill in the engineering practices needed to build great C or C++ code. You will learn how to build flexible and modular software with very few defects, software that can have a long useful life. James will teach you how to prevent defects and how to keep code clean over years of evolving needs.

Don’t miss your chance to learn TDD for Embedded Software from the world’s authority on the subject! REGISTER NOW!

Free pre-conference meetup

As a warm up to the Embedded Accelerator Day, we will have an evening of fun talks on May 2nd to get us in the spirit!

You’ll get to hear James Grenning on Test-Driven Development guided by Zombies!, as well as Leif Ove Finnerud on Creating side-projects for fun and profit!, and Emily Bache on Catch Dancing Ponies: try Approval Testing!

It’s free, so just REGISTER HERE!

Embedded Accelerator Day OSL background image
on May 3rd

8:30 Registration & Breakfast 9:00 Welcome & announcements 9:20 Technical Excellence, You Need It by James Grenning 10:10 Break 10:30 Continuous Delivery of Maintainable Embedded SW by Mike Long 11:10 Break 11:30 Continuous Delivery and Functional Safety by Espen Albrektsen 12:10 Introduction to the open-space discussions 12:25 Lunch 13:10 Facilitated open space discussions 15:00 Wrap-up & evaluate open space discussions 15:10 Break 15:25 Why should I learn Git? I’m just a software developer by Johan Abildskov 16:00 Wrap-up of the day 16:10 Mingling and drinks


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Eventbrite tickets