CoDe-Conf 2018

past event

CoDe-Conf 2018

The Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference in Scandinavia

Past event 11 Oct 2018 Copenhagen

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Keynote Speakers

Katharina Probst See Slides

What’s So Hard about Distributed Systems?

Engineering Director at Netflix

These days, many companies employ microservices as an effective way to break down their system into smaller pieces. Microservices are a powerful way to chunk by functionality and/or team, evolve pieces of the system independently, and achieve better abstraction and encapsulation. But microservices come at the cost of running a distributed system. Distributed systems are inherently unreliable, because they compose pieces that communicate over an unreliable network. This makes for many “interesting” war stories of operating such a system.

In this talk, I will dive into best practices that we and others in the industry have learned. I will talk about lessons and best practices around architecture, deployments, DevOps, Chaos testing, and evolving your system. I will also share my own experiences of how following these best practices can improve the overall availability of high-complexity, high-scale distributed systems.

Twitter: @probst_kathrin

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Kiran Bondalapati See Slides

DevOps at Uber

Technology Leader at Uber Infrastructure

Uber is a global company but at its heart is still a startup. The talk will address how Uber has managed to grow to a global scale in development and operations in a short time. The talk will outline the scale of Uber and how tools and processes are scaled to match the growth in business and people. Uber is heavily into micro-services. We will dive into Uber’s development and management practices with containers and clusters to enable the micro-services model at scale.

Twitter: @bond.log

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Jan Bosch See Slides

Why Digitalization will Kill your (Software) Company too

Software Engineering Professor at Chalmers University

Incumbent companies in many industries have optimized themselves for traditional business models and are, for a variety of reasons, notoriously slow to change and adjust themselves to new market realities. At the same time, connectivity, data and services (in short: digitalization) enable new business models, new ecosystem engagements and new forms of value delivery to customers. As a consequence, many mature companies will be disrupted by new entrants and faster moving competitors. As evidenced by the ever-shortening tenure of companies on the Fortune 500 (now down to 10 years), this has already become a reality.

In this keynote, I first provide more detail and insight into the specifics of the digitalization challenge and then outline how companies should act to maintain their competitiveness. This requires building new organizational capabilities around speed and continuous value delivery, transitioning from opinion-based to data-driven decision making, engaging with the ecosystems surrounding the company in new ways and finally transitioning from traditional hierarchical organizational models to empowered organizations with autonomous teams.

The keynote uses examples from industry as well as results from research conducted in Software Center, a research collaboration with 11 companies, including Ericsson, Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, Saab Defense, Siemens, Bosch and TetraPak.

Twitter: @janbosch Website:

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Conor Taylor See Slides

Continuous Delivery at Spotify - Scaling through Automation and Autonomy

Software Engineer at Spotify

At Spotify, every team is autonomous; each team is responsible for their own Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and deploy dozens of times per day. How does this work at a scale of 100+ dev teams? How can we maintain great service availability and still deliver quickly?

In this talk I’ll explain some of the workflows and practices we’ve adopted over time to help make our Continuous Delivery as smooth, as automatic, and as safe possible. I’ll discuss our history in enabling autonomy in development, how it impacts the productivity of our dev teams, and the learnings we’ve picked up along the way.

GitHub: taylorconor Linkedin: Conor Taylor Website:

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Erik Schön See Slides

The Mental Leaps — More, Faster, Better, Happier & More Innovative!

Product Development Executive | Executive Performance Coach

In this talk I’ll share experiences and insights from a Lean/Agile/DevOps transformation journey in a large, global product development unit resulting in 4x value throughput, 2x speed, 10x quality and, happier, more engaged people that are more innovative. We made three mental leaps on our journey:
1) From methods & tools to principles & mindset
2) From resource efficiency to flow efficiency
3) From scattered experiences to continuous innovation

Twitter: @erik_schon LinkedIn: erikschon

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Yan Cui See Slides

Serverless in Production, an Experience Report

Principal Engineer at DAZN, AWS Serverless Hero

In this talk Yan Cui shares his experience of migrating an existing monolithic architecture for a social network to AWS Lambda, and how it empowered a small team to deliver features quickly and how they address operational concerns such as CI/CD, logging, monitoring and config management.

This session draws on his experience leading a team that transformed their entire architecture in under 6 months, where they also managed to cut cost by over 90%, and increased production deployments from 4-6 per month to 80-100 per month. They did that whilst coming up with solutions to those common operational concerns to ensure they not only run a serverless architecture in production, but do so responsibly.

Twitter: @theburningmonk Blog:

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Anders Lundsgaard See Slides

The Cloud Journey in an Enterprise

Senior Engineer at Scania Connected Services

In 2016 the manufacturer company Scania stated the cloud first strategy. In this talk Anders will present benefits and challenges with cloud and why cloud fits so well into our DevOps movement. How we enable autonomous teams where operations is now in the hands of the developers.
Reorganization for speed by dismounting bottlenecks to enable flow. Both on the hardware assembly line but also within our continuous delivery of software.

Twitter: @anderslundsgard Github: anderslundsgard

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Martin Thalmann See Slides

Controlled Anarchy – a Large Complex Organization goes DevOps

Agile Coach, Head of DevOps at Swisscom

We all learned how to launch an agile transformation: make sure that everyone knows that the iceberg is melting, start with small pilot teams, automate everything, build success stories, grow bigger, foster the culture change. Straight and easy. Apply those patterns to a large and complex enterprise and you realize how difficult it can be.

How can we encourage team autonomy without ending in anarchy? How can we sustainably implement agile practices in a hierarchical structure? How can we change existing processes to enable the agile mindset? In this talk I would like to share the experience we made during the last 4 years of our DevOps journey with a special focus on self-organization, job architecture and performance management.

LinkedIn: Martin Thalmann Twitter: @martin_thalmann

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Peter Thorngren

The Quest for Speed in Complex Mechatronic Systems

Product Owner CITA and ADAPT at Volvo GTT

The automotive industry is on the verge of a fundamental revolution as the vehicles themselves become autonomous. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using virtualizations and models linked to real trucks are playing key roles in making this happen.

The heavy duty truck industry is in the center of this disruptive shift. Trucks are already today advanced technical products with the Internet-integrated functions; however, this is still very limited compared to what we will see in the upcoming years. This change will offer fascinating possibilities for innovation and creativity when trucks will be parts of the integrated and autonomous transport solutions.

Twitter: @peterthorngren LinkedIn: Peter Thorngren

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David Gageot

Google Container Tools - Life of a Developer in a Container World

Developer Advocate at Google Cloud

Kubernetes has become the orchestrator of choice to deploy applications. But what about developer’s day-to-day job of developing those applications. The more they leverage the platform, the more difficult it is to develop outside of the platform. And developing inside containers is not always easy, nor enjoyable.

Google has launched multiple Open-Source projects that focus on Developer User Experience in a Container World. Kaniko lets you securely build Docker images from Docker files on a Kubernetes cluster. Skaffold facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications. Distroless images offer small, secure, high quality base images. Bazel makes it even possible to build images without Docker installed. Come learn how those tools and more, combined together, make a great CI/CD story for those developing for Kubernetes.

Twitter: @dgageot Github: dgageot Website:

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Sami Alajrami See Slides

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

PhD and DevOps Consultant, Praqma

Sami will provide some tips and good practices learnt from doing Continuous Delivery for Cloud Native apps. He will also demo a GitOps approach for Continuous Delivery of Kubernetes deployments with Helmsman. Although, the talk focuses on Kubernetes as a deployment platform, the tips apply to other platforms too.

GitHub: sami-alajrami Blog: Praqma Stories

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Thu, 11 Oct 2018, 08:30—17:30, Copenhagen

This October CoDe-Conf will return to Copenhagen for the 5th time and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. CoDe-Conf 2018 will bring together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - from stakeholders and decision-makers to engineers and coders.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps is about tools and environment, and this year’s CoDe-Conf will feature separate tracks focussing on both of these key themes. On one track we will focus on culture and management while on the other will concentrate on technology and tooling. There’s something for everyone.

Stay on one track or mix and match. Be as technical or non-technical as you need to be and learn how to combine tooling and culture to transform your organization.



Registration & breakfast


Welcome by Johan Abildskov


What’s So Hard about Distributed Systems? Katharina Probst




DevOps at Uber Kiran Bondalapati




Controlled Anarchy – a Large Complex Organization goes DevOps Martin Thalmann

The Quest for Speed in Complex Mechatronic Systems Peter Thorngren




Continuous Delivery at Spotify - Scaling through Automation and Autonomy Conor Taylor

Google Container Tools - Life of a Developer in a Container World David Gageot




The Cloud Journey in an Enterprise Anders Lundsgaard

Serverless in Production, an Experience Report Yan Cui


Entertainment & Networking


The Mental Leaps — More, Faster, Better, Happier & More Innovative! Erik Schön

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery Sami Alajrami




Why Digitalization will Kill your (Software) Company too Jan Bosch


Q&A with all the speakers

16.45 18.00

Drinks & Social