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Past event 24 Apr 2018 - 25 Apr 2018 Copenhagen

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Yves Hwang See Slides

A Shift to DevOps and Microservices for Fuel Retailers

Principal Architect at Circle K Europe

DevOps is not a position, title or an engineering degree. It is culture, empathy and collaboration. This is the ammunition one needs to break down silos, poor communications, and ultimately ridding ourselves of these monolithic, stagnant and non-scalable ecosystem.

In Circle K Europe, a number of our new digital services takes the form of microservices and they are containerized and deployed in its natural cloud habitat. Coupled with bursty release cycles and highly competent in-sourced development/DevOps teams, these services can be integrated with traditional monolithic systems whilst providing a platform for exit and further innovation. The strategy is anchored in automation, DevOps, and APIs. Under the hood lies continuous integration, infra as code, and build automation principles, sprinkled liberally with RESTful APIs.

This workshop aims to share our findings and journey towards cloud, DevOps, and microservice. As part of the DevOps discourse, this talk is also an open dialogue and a technical deep dive for examining one of the key aspect that is enterprise transformation at the Circle K.

Twitter: @yveshwang LinkedIn: Yves Hwang Blog: Yves’ blog

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Mike Long See Slides

The Structure of DevOps Revolutions

Partner and CTO at Praqma

By taking a leaf out of the history books, this talk will apply learnings from the world of science to software. It will show how to make strategic choices in recruitment, organization, culture, and technology to best situate an organization for success in this brave new world.

Twitter: @meekrosoft

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Aubrey Stearn

What my Dad Taught me about ChatOps

Head of DevOps at Arcadia Group

My dad once told me about a guy from Birmingham, a martial artist who’d learned tai-kwon-do, who could do jiu-jitsu and would box. Now, in his wisdom he devised his own style of martial arts, the principle was simple, if you couldn’t do it in a phone booth, it was no good to you in a pub fight.

With two paragraphs about Birmingham, kung-fu and pub fights you might be wondering how this could ever have anything to do with practical DevOps.

Introducing ChatOps, and here’s the tag line, when you’re in the pub, down the gym or stuck on a plane to New York, what’s the maximum you can do from just your phone.

We don’t all lug around a laptop 24/7 and I know I don’t always have a handbag big enough for mine, so if your production environment was burning down, and all you had was your phone, data and slack, could you save it all?

Twitter: @auberryberry Linkedin: Aubrey Stearn

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Thien-An Mac See Slides

How to Foster a DevOps Culture

Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks

I often hear folks say “it’s really challenging to work in a collaborative environment”.

During this talk, I will share some success (and failure) in creating a DevOps culture throughout my career and also patterns which are symptomatic of a non DevOps culture.

Allowing your team to have access to a server; getting the QA, Ops and Developers to sit and work together; the ability to deploy your code to production without going through a 4h conference call. These are some of the struggles I had to face when I was working on my last project. On some teams, I have managed to successfully accomplish that. On others, it was a complete failure. Throughout this talk, I will help you identify symptoms of a non DevOps culture, and share some of my experiences (both positive and negative) at attempting to bring in elements of the culture to a team. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes and apply the learnings on your team.

LinkedIn: Thien-An Mac

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Boyan Mihaylov See Slides

Crafting a Robust Deployment Pipeline for the Financial Sector

Software architect at MP Pension

Financial sector is typically characterized by high risk, bureaucracy, and regulations. In this talk Boyan will share his experience in creating a deployment pipeline from the scratch along with establishing development practices in one such financial organization.

Twitter: @boyanio Linkedin: Boyan Mihaylov

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Eduardo Piairo See Slides

Deployment Pipeline for Databases

DevOps Coach at Natixis

Deployment pipeline for databases: What’s stopping you to treat database development in the same way that applications are developed? Where databases are different? Why is so scary to make database changes? This talk is about how to build a deployment pipeline able to answer these challenges bringing down the gap between DB and APP.

Twitter: @edpiairo Linkedin: Eduardo Piairo

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Giulio Vian See Slides

There and Back Again - A DevOps Journey

DevOps Lead, Microsoft MVP, Visual Studio ALM Ranger, currently working at Glass, Lewis & Co

In this talk, you will hear about the DevOps journey in our company (Glass, Lewis & Co.), from the initial brown-field all-manual state to our current partially automated situation and the strategic destination of a fully automated and monitored process.

In an equilibrium between a high-level view and useful practical tips, we will touch on what informed our decisions, in terms of priorities and technologies, some lessons learned in setting up Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform for Azure, and how the legacy constraints helped or hindered us on this journey.

Twitter: @giulio_vian LinkedIn: Giulio Vian Blog: Giulio’s blog

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Gloria Hornero See Slides

QAs and DevOps can be Good Friends

Lead QA Engineer at Holaluz

Although QAs and DevOps can be seen as two different roles, the truth is that they have more things in common than we think.

When we are creating the structure of our test suites, we need to take into account some practices and tools DevOps normally use in their daily work. From integrating the test automation with the CI tool to catching bugs as soon as possible to the use of containers to speed up test executions. In this talk we are going to discover different tips and tricks that make QAs and DevOps good friends.

Twitter: @madamesheema LinkedIn: Gloria Hornero

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Allan Ebdrup See Slides

Don’t forget about Process Feedback Loops

CTO of Practio

Build, Measure, Learn. The scientific method. We instrument the solutions we build to get quantitative feedback on how they are used. We listen to feedback from users and we interview them to get qualitative feedback. We monitor the CPU and RAM usage of our systems, set up logging and alerts the get feedback on how our production servers are doing. Lots of feedback loops are well described and very effective.

However, to do effective DevOps, to self organize our teams intelligently and to continually improve our software development processes, we need just as effective feedback loops on how we actually do our work. What does it feel like to be a developer in our org and how can we improve that?

I’ll be talking about simple stuff like stand-ups, regular 1-on-1s with your manager and retrospectives. It’s not rocket surgery, maybe even banal, but in my experience these simple ceremonies can shape culture and be instrumental to succeeding with continued improvements that bring about real change in the way we work and how we do DevOps.

Twitter: @allanbdrup LinkedIn: Allan Ebdrup

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Mandi Walls See Slides

What can InSpec Help you with in DevOps?

Solutions Engineering Manager, Chef

In this ignite-talk, we’l look at InSpec, and how it can help you find and fix infrastructure security and compliance requirements on premises and in the cloud.

Twitter: @lnxchk LinkedIn: Mandi Walls

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Niels Harre See Slides

How can we Reach a DevOps Summit?

Senior Development Manager in SimCorp

Implementing DevOps in an organization meet many challenges. It could include changes in tool stack, technology, and organizational structures. With the knowledge we have today, what learnings can we apply when implementing DevOps in an organization?

Twitter: @har1 LinkedIn: Niels Harre

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Jeppe Andersen See Slides

Let Everyone on your Team Deploy Every Day

Lead Software Engineer, Momondo

Releasing software can be scary. You work hard to get that next big thing ready. When it is ready, fingers are crossed while it is put live by someone else in some other team, maybe in a different department. What if there was an alternative where everyone could put things live all day, every day?

Let me tell you how it affects people.

Twitter: @nocture LinkedIn: Jeppe Andersen

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Lars Kruse See Slides

Dr Kübler-Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief - Applied to the Process of Adopting DevOps

Chairman, Rainmaker and Digital Transformer at Praqma

Back in 1969 - Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced her model of five stages in loss and grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Join this ignite, to get a perspective on how the same five stages apply to corporations trying to adopt to DevOps and LEAN software development.

Twitter: Lakruzz LinkedIn: Lars Kruse

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Lars Bendix See Slides

Bumpy Rides towards Continuous Delivery Destinations

Configuration Management Researcher and Educator

Many are the roads that lead to CoDe (Continuous Delivery/Deployment) Paradise - some are more bumpy than others and some have pitfalls that you should look out for. So what are these (potential) problems and how can you address or avoid them? Fortunately, others have already gone down the CoDe roads and made some experience.

This ignite presentation is based on interviews with a handful of Danish companies done as part of the start-up phase of a research project on Continuous Software Engineering. The companies are of different sizes and range from about to initiate their CoDe journey through to one that has already arrived in Paradise. We present a selection of the challenges, pitfalls, and bumps that we found and reflect on the approaches used to either address or avoid them. We also reveal a couple of lessons that can be learned from who is already in Paradise.

Personal Website: Lars Bendix’s WWW Linkedin: Lars Bendix

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Anders Truelsen See Slides

Going DevOps – More than a Developer Discipline

Change and Configuration Management Expert at Systematic Software Engineering

Continuous deployment of applications requires that teams are able to build, but that is far from the entire story. In many real-life scenarios you need to connect the entire chain from development through traditional ITIL governed change management to a hosting provider that may not be entirely comfortable with continuous changes.

Twitter: @atruelsen Linkedin: Anders Truelsen

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Anders Bruvik See Slides

Using tools To Build a Culture

Infrastructure Engineer at Safespring

Over the years, I have been involved in several decisions about tooling. While «it’s all about culture» is a common saying, I’m a firm believer that not only do the tools you choose form your company culture, but your culture should also be a part of the decision when you choose your toolset. That is: just because one company is successfully using a particular tool, it will not necessarily work well in your environment. In this ignite talk, I’m going to explore a few of the things you want to consider, and how your tool-decisions might have an impact on your organization.

Twitter: @bruvik Linkedin: Anders Bruvik

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Greg Wunderle See Slides

The DevOps Day-Two Problem

IBM Cloud-World Wide DevOps/Hybrid Cloud Management Sales Executive

Over the past few years, we have been focusing on implementing DevOps in our organizations. We have made terrific progress towards the “easy stuff”. It is now time to solve the Day Two Problem.

Twitter: @UrbancodeGreg Linkedin: Greg Wunderle

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Laszlo Fogas See Slides

Kubernetes is not the Endgame

Independent DevOps Consultant based in Copenhagen

So you installed Kubernetes and gave people kubectl access to do their job. A job well done? Not quite yet. There is no single continuous integration setup that works for everyone. In essence, you are trying to automate your company’s culture with your tooling. Meet Jinborov Karnovski in this ignite and see what’s beyond kubectl.

Twitter: @laszlocph Linkedin: Laszlo Fogas Website: Laszlo’s personal website

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Tue, 24 Apr 2018 - Wed, 25 Apr, 08:30—17:00, Copenhagen

Join the free pre-conference meet-up!

DevOpsDays is a global series of conferences that brings development and operations together, and this year it’s coming to Copenhagen for the first time. Yes, we know, it’s very exciting!

We will gather expert speakers to give keynote talks on how to integrate software development and IT infrastructure operations. Just how do we break down the walls between our dev teams and ops teams? To find out we’ll look at how we can approach automation, testing, security, and organizational culture with DevOps in mind.

We’ll start each day on the main stage with inspirational 30-minute talks. Then it’ll be your turn to participate in the open space discussions. This will be everything you ever wanted to know about DevOps, but were afraid to ask.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic DevOps community event!