CoDe-Conf 2019

past event

CoDe-Conf 2019

The Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference in Scandinavia

Past event 28 Oct 2019 Copenhagen

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Keynote Speakers

Camille Fournier See Slides

Engineer's Guide to Identifying and Coping with Path Dependence

Head of Platform Engineering at Two Sigma

Small decisions, over time, can become unintentionally amplified until they have major consequences. In this talk Camilla will describe Path Dependence and how it affects our code, systems, and teams. We’ll learn recognize it, plan for it, and ultimately make peace with the unintended consequences.

Twitter: @skamille

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Andi Mann See Slides

Five Foundational Practices of DevOps

Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk

As you start on or progress through your DevOps journey, what ‘known good practices’ should you adopt? Do you know what successful teams do that you should follow? Where should you start? How can you lay a strong foundation for success?

With insight from 3000 participants in the ‘State of DevOps Report’ – the most in-depth and longest-running DevOps research on the planet – learn about the core DevOps practices that are critical for success. Discover what separates successful DevOps teams from those that fail. Learn the next steps to take on your DevOps journey.

Twitter: @AndiMann Blog: Übergeek

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Cristina Vega See Slides

Ikea's Journey into Digitalization

Digital Technology Leader at IKEA

IKEA is going a profound transformation becoming a digital retailer. We are transforming our technology landscape and the way we organize to respond better and faster to our customer needs and keep on leading the market. We are changing everything, almost.

LinkedIn: Cristina Vega

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Jonas Elmqvist See Slides

Complexity, Culture and Continuous Delivery

Software Development Manager at the Swedish Migration Agency

In this talk, Jonas will focus on the importance of understanding and embracing complexity and the role of organizational culture in the journey to improve software delivery performance through continuous delivery. He will share the stories, experiences and challenges of the last years work within the agency, moving from monthly to daily deliveries.

Twitter: @j_elmqvist

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Peter Johansson See Slides

Change Beyond the Ordinary

Software Manager at Westermo

Westermo R&D Software was in for a significant challenge when the company launched a growth campaign in 2015. As a result of that campaign the team grew by one new software engineer every month for about two years. At the same time Peter wanted to increase the output far beyond what was reachable by simply adding personnel, and therefor together with the team started a journey. The journey was about changing an already established way of doing agile development with continuous integration into a future of short time to market and low cost overhead for releases. This was to be accomplished at the same time as new engineers were continuously being integrated into the team.

Growing organically at the same time as a major process change needed to occur was a very interesting challenge to master.

In this talk, Peter will share how they went about with change management, what significant changes that were made, how the team was engaged through the journey and the very positive results of the established changes.

linkedin: Peter Johansson

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Herbert Geers

Growing Up - The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

Product Owner of CICD Pipelines at ABN AMRO Bank

CI capabilities in ABN AMRO are well matured. Practices follow rapidly. Currently expanding on CD with multiple new stakeholders hopping on the CICD train that is becoming mainstream.

We are going fast, very fast leveraging public cloud, developing a cloud agnostic container platform, standardized pipelines and other cool stuff.

In this talk, I will not only tell how good we are doing (we are!) but also about the the difficulties of standardization, growing pains, how anti-patterns on measuring CICD progress can be beneficial, opinions, Inner-sourcing, old world thinking and an IT data model. and how we make sense out of all of this in our Road to CICD maturity.

Twitter: @HerbertGeers Linkedin: herbertgeers

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Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh

Operating Microservices at Uber - From Bare Metal to Improving Kubernetes

Senior Software Engineer at Uber

Uber has been running its systems in a microservices architecture since 2012, when the need for velocity meant that our monoliths could no longer scale. Since then, Uber has grown to a scale where it now has 1000’s of developers, making 1000’s of changes to 1000’s of microservices in production, every day.

In this talk, Kenneth will walk us through how Uber’s infrastructure has evolved to keep up with the explosive growth of the company. He will share some of Uber’s experiences with migrating services from bare metal, to statically placed docker containers and all the way to using Apache Mesos/Aurora for cluster management, which is being used in production today. He will also share how Uber is improving Kubernetes to build Uber’s next-generation cluster management platform.

Linkedin: Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh

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Viktor Farcic See Slides

Combining Serverless Continuous Delivery with ChatOps

Senior Consultant at CloudBees

Open source Jenkins does not scale. There’s no denying it. If we need more power because the number of concurrent builds increased, we cannot scale Jenkins. We cannot hook it into Kubernetes HorizontalPodAutoscaler that would increase or decrease the number of replicas based on metrics like the number of concurrent builds.

Simply put, OSS Jenkins does not scale. At times, our OSS Jenkins is struggling under heavy load. At others, it is wasting resources when it is underutilized. As a result, we might need to increase its requested memory and CPU as well as its limits to cover the worst-case scenario. As a result, when fewer builds are running in parallel, it is wasting resources, and when more builds are running, it is slow due to insufficient amount of assigned resources. And if it reaches its memory limit, it’ll be shut down and rerun (potentially on a different node), thus causing delays or failed builds.

Except, that there is no OSS Jenkins in Jenkins X. And the good news is that it is serverless. It combines Kubernetes with Prow, Tekton, and Pipeline Operator. And that’s not all. It is based on GitOps principles, and it comes with ChatOps capabilities.

We’ll explore how we can combine different tools and processes to accomplish Kubernetes-first Cloud-native continuous delivery based on GitOps principles combined with ChatOps. But, before we do that, you’ll need to forget everything you know about OSS Jenkins or similar tools.

Twitter: @vfarcic Blog: Technology Conversations

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Jessica Deen

Master Tooling for Containers with DevOps

Senior Cloud Advocate for Microsoft

Microservices can be hard; understanding container best practices can be hard as those practices are still being discovered. This session aids in minimizing the learning curve with container orchestration, specifically, Kubernetes by bringing DevOps best practices into the mix. I show you how using container tooling specifically built for simplifying the process can provide better orchestration for cloud services, abstraction and encapsulation for your microservices deployments, and visibility into what runs where and why. You will not only walk away with a deeper understanding of this area, but also some hands-on material to help you get started.

Twitter: @jldeen

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Henrik Høegh See Slides

Storage Operator in Kubernetes - Getting your Feet Wet

DevOps Consultant at Praqma

With Kubernetes becoming the standard way of orchestrating containers, we still need to solve the problem of on-prem storage. Storage and state is one of the most challenging tasks to solve when operating in an on-prem Cloud Native environment. Traditionally companies has been using external storage line NFS, but there are certain problems with this approach. In this talk Henrik will talk about the problems of external storage, how to move storage inside the cluster and automate it with the Rook operator, followed by a live demo. By the end of the talk, the listener will be able to get started with Cloud Native storage in Kubernetes and how to take advantage and flexibility Rook provides.

Twitter: @HenrikHoegh GitHub: hoeghh Blog: Praqma Stories

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John Scott See Slides

DevEX – Driving Innovative Solutions

Digitization and DevOps Community Leader at Verizon

Verizon 2.0 is here, and it calls for a new way to work. Because it takes an active community to accelerate change, a group of program managers joined forces to form the TECmob initiative to empower over 10K engineers from a diverse pool of expertise and passions. Verizon’s most valuable resource is their people and the fast track to transformation with TECMob focusing on 3 main tenets: Innersourcing, Evolutionary Architecture, Chapters & Guilds. The talk will help the audience understand the power of the community and how this can help deliver significant costs savings when developing innovative software solutions

linkedin: John Scott

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Mon, 28 Oct 2019, 08:30—18:00, Copenhagen View Address

On October 28th, 2019 CoDe-Conf will return to Copenhagen for the 6th time and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. CoDe-Conf 2019 will bring together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - from executives and managers to engineers and programmers.

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are about culture and tools, so this year’s CoDe-Conf will feature two tracks. One track will focus on culture and change, and the second one will focus on tech and tools. There will be something for everyone!



Registration & Breakfast




Engineer's Guide to Identifying and Coping with Path Dependence Camille Fournier




Ikea's Journey into Digitalization Cristina Vega






Change Beyond the Ordinary Peter Johansson

Master Tooling for Containers with DevOps Jessica Deen




Growing Up - The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side Herbert Geers

Combining Serverless Continuous Delivery with ChatOps Viktor Farcic




Complexity, Culture and Continuous Delivery Jonas Elmqvist

Storage Operator in Kubernetes - Getting your Feet Wet Henrik Høegh




DevEX – Driving Innovative Solutions John Scott

Operating Microservices at Uber: From Bare Metal to Improving Kubernetes Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh




Five Foundational Practices of DevOps Andi Mann


Panel & Wrap-up

16.50 18.00



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