Delivering Agile Transformations

past event

Delivering Agile Transformations

A morning seminar on Agility in Software Creation

Past event 04 Jun 2019 Copenhagen


Johan Abildskov

The Agile Alignment Trap

Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

Agile transformations are supposed to make the business more effective, with happier developers and satisfied users. Yet uttering the phrase Agile Transformation fills employees with dread. This talk will cover research into why agile transformations fail, and how our intuition is wrong. Armed with knowledge we are better prepared to go through successful agile transformations.

Twitter: @randomsort

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Emily Bache

Technical Leadership in DevOps

Technical Agile Coach at Praqma

As technical leaders we aim to help all the developers in our organizations to make better choices. How do we do that when empowered Agile DevOps teams make many choices independently? In this talk you will learn about a coaching technique for building up people, skills and teams.

Twitter: @emilybache Blog: Praqma Stories

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Andreas Hjelm & Christian Pfenninger

TV Lab, Creation and Passion

Agile Coach & Vice President at Nuuday

At youSee we focus bringing out what our people are passionate about when we transform our organization. We believe that happy and passionate people is the key to success in the agile transformation, processes and tools are secondary. In our talk, we will tell you about our transformation of the TV Lab, what we have learned, and brought over with us (and what we ditched) when we recently established the new Music Lab.

LinkedIn: andreas christian

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Tue, 04 Jun 2019, 08:30—13:00, Copenhagen View Address

Engaging a digital transformation can be a daunting, risky process – and scaling Agile is tough. How do you even start an Agile transformation? How can you ensure such a transformation will help you achieve your growth strategy? How do you lead an IT team with Agile practices? What happens when you have multiple teams adopting Agile across an organization? While there are many different approaches and challenges for each organization, lessons can be learned from those who have journeyed down this digital path before.

That’s where the Delivering Agile Transformations seminar can help you. During this event, you will meet and hear from Agile experts in the software industry who will highlight some of the common traps to avoid on your transformation journey. They’ll also share the best tools and practices to help you throughout the process, while two enterprises will present their paths to success in working with Agile.

Whether you’re considering starting your Agile transformation soon or are already underway with it, this is sure to be an unmissable morning. We look forward to seeing you!

This event is co-sponsored by Atlassian and Praqma.



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The Agile Alignment Trap Johan Abildskov




Technical Leadership in DevOps Emily Bache




TV Lab, Creation and Passion Andreas Hjelm & Christian Pfenninger