DevOps for Web

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DevOps for Web

A day to learn and discuss your own solutions and challenges with peers

Past event 07 Mar 2019 Aarhus


Jacob Tjørnholm

Testing, Continuous Delivery and DevOps at GoMore

Backend Developer and Partner at GoMore

GoMore is a small team developing a big product on several platforms and in multiple markets. There is no time to do everything by the book. Jacob is going to talk about the pragmatic choices they have made at GoMore about testing and automation, as well as the reasoning behind these choices.

Twitter: @chopmo

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Jørgen Orehøj Erichsen

Old School DevOps at Holdsport

CTO at Holdsport

What? No cloud? At Holdsport we use old school bare metal servers. There are pros and cons and this presentation will touch upon both pros and cons and discuss how we do DevOps and Continuous Delivery at Holdsport serving hundreds of thousands of users each month.

Twitter: @joerichsen

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Nicolaj Græsholt

Tag along! - Version your Web Application with Docker

Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

Web Applications are excellent for getting first to market, but staying on the market is something of a second priority. How do you prevent downtime when your application breaks? Do you just redeploy fast? Can you rollback? Traditional software is compiled and shipped as a binary, but how do you keep the overview when a Web Application can be updated with the granularity of a single file that’s patched and uploaded?

On a basic Web Application I’ll show how Docker can help you with versioning, deployments and rollbacks; principles that should be applicable to any Web Application.

Twitter: @figaw

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Jonas Vinther

There is No Place like Production

Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

Let’s be honest, to some extent we all test in production. We have our develop and staging environments where we run all our tests. But as the experienced developers we all are, we know that any complex system can (and will) fail in surprising ways. Testing in production is a great way to learn how your Web Application is performing in the production environment with real requests, real data and real users.

This talk shows the importance of testing in production through real-life examples, and gives you the techniques to better understand your Web Applications.

linkedin: Jonas Vinther

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Johan Abildskov

DevOps beyond the Buzzword

Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

DevOps has many of the properties of a true buzzword. It is the new thing, everyone know they want it, but no one can really say what it is. The practices of DevOps however go much deeper. We pull back the curtains of DevOps to reveal the true value of DevOps, and see how it will change the way we work in order to stay competitive in a fast moving domain.

This talk will clarify what DevOps is and how to get started adopting the practices.

Twitter: @randomsort

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Thu, 07 Mar 2019, 08:00—17:00, Aarhus View Address

DevOps is coming, and it is taking the world by storm. DevOps is both about culture and technical practices. The web industry can gain many benefits from a DevOps mindset and toolset.

This day is about DevOps. Experienced practitioners share their stories for inspiration, with practical takeaways. There will be both talks and facilitated open space discussions. It will not be a day of passive one-way communication. Bring your own problems to the table and discuss them with your peers.

The talks will cover how DevOps practices are implemented in successful Danish web-focused companies, as well as tools and best practices. We will touch on containerization, cloud infrastructure and other techniques for modern web development.

So if you are delivering software to the browsers and mobile phones of your end users, or if JavaScript is a part of your tool stack, this event is for you!

DevOps for Web is designed to accelerate your team towards faster software deliveries with higher quality and happier developers.



Breakfast & Registration




Round table - Brief Introduction


Testing, Continuous Delivery and DevOps at GoMore Jacob Tjørnholm




Old School DevOps at Holdsport Jørgen Orehøj Erichsen




Tag along! - Version your Web Application with Docker Nikolaj Græsholt




There is No Place like Production Jonas Vinther


Introduction to Open Space Discussions




Open Space Discussions


Wrap-up of the discussions




DevOps beyond the Buzzword Johan Abildskov


Wrap-up of the day


Drinks & Social