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A full day festival focused on hands-on workshops and demos of the Docker ecosystem and the newest trends of containerization in general. Developers of all experience levels will learn about and get hands-on with all different aspects of Docker from introductory sessions on creating and running Docker containers to advanced composition and orchestration in cloud environments.

Bring Your Own Laptop (B.Y.O.L.) at Day Of Containers takes conferences to the next level. The interactive sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn hands-on, following along with an instructor step-by-step.



Day before conference: Pre-conference meetup for everyone who can’t make it for the main event Pre-Conference Meetup!

Post-Conference Workshop with Kelsey Hightower from Google: A full day tutorial on Taming microservices with CoreOS and Kubernetes! Post-Conference Workshop

25 Aug 2016
Citykonferensen, Stockholm

Keynote Speakers

Containers and the death of the Linux Distribution
Evangelist, Google

Kelsey will take a dive into the future of the operating system and how containers have the potential to destroy the Linux distro as we know it.

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Self-Healing Systems
Senior Consultant, CloudBees

We’ll explore practices and tools required to set up fully autonomous self-healing systems capable of both reactive recuperation from failures and proactive predictions of steps that should be taken to prevent failures before they happen. We’ll use tools like Docker, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, Consul, Consul Template, Registrator and Jenkins to design and develop a system that is continuously deploying services packed as containers and performs actions that will recuperate it from failures and scale or de-scale depending on historical records.

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Docker 101
Founder and Senior Consultant at A59 IT Consulting AB

If you are new to docker, this session is for you! In this sessions you will learn all the basics of docker and its main components. We will go through the the concept of containers, writing your own docker files, connecting data volumes, and basic orchestration with compose and swarm. Bring your laptops!

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CI and Dev-Test Environment on Dockers
Automation Lead, IronSource

Developers and testers struggle every day to have a working local development environment ready when developing, debugging and going through the continuous integration cycle (CI). We can test our software either on production or using Virtualisation solutions or solve that by using docker based dev testing environment. As well we can test our software without creating tests with Diffy. Diffy finds potential bugs in your service using running instances of your new code and your old code side by side.

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Getting your hands dirty with Windows Containers
Principal Consultant, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Crayon

Windows Containers in Windows Server 2016 is a new big thing – Get a solid introduction to the upcoming Windows and Hyper-V Containers that will be part of the next release of Windows Server.

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Building and observing services on Docker Swarm clusters. The latest and greatest from Docker, inspired by Netflix.
Entrepreneur in Residence @ Founders AS

This workshop will be split into two parts.In the first part, we will go over some of the features of the latest edition of Docker Swarm and we will set up a few services on it. In the second part, we will dive into a new way of visualizing your clusters and how can we use your engineering intuition to understand complex failure scenarios.

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Building hybrid microservices with Docker
Developer & Cloud Advocate, Mesosphere

Docker plays an increasingly important role in building and operating modern applications, both on-premises and in the cloud. In this introductory workshop, you will get an end-to-end understanding of Linux containers and how to operate and orchestrate them at scale. The course will teach you about the low-level concepts that make up Linux containers, how to deploy Docker containers, and how to orchestrate them using tools like Kubernetes and Mesos Marathon

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Build your own private CaaS
CEO, Elastx AB

When you have decided that containers is the way to go and you want to take it in to production then this session is for you. We will explore on how to build and manage a scalable and fault tolerant private Container as a Service (CaaS) platform on top of IaaS using Terraform and Rancher. With this setup you can manage any of your favorit Kubernetes, Mesos or Swarm container cluster.

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What’s on

08:30 Registration & Light Breakfast 09:00 Welcome & Announcements 09:15 Keynote: Self Healing Systems, Viktor Farcic, Docker Captain 10:00 Break 10:15 Docker 101, Andrey Devyatkin, Praqma CI and Dev-Test Environment on Dockers, Maxim Guenis, IronSource 11:45 Lunch 12:45 Getting your hands dirty with Windows Containers, Fredrik Nilsson, Crayon Building and observing services on Docker Swarm clusters. The latest and greatest from Docker, inspired by Netflix. Gergo Horanyi, Founders 14:15 Break 14:30 Building hybrid microservices with Docker, Michael Hausenblas, Mesosphere Build your own private CaaS, Joakim Öhman, Elasxt 16:00 Break 16:45 Keynote: Containers and the death of the Linux Distribution, Kelsey Hightower, Google 17:30 Socialize & Beers


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