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Git: One repo
to rule them all?

An evening to figure out the best Git practices for you and your software organization
Past event

20 Sep 2018 Copenhagen


Thu, 20 Sep 2018, 17:15-20:00, Copenhagen

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So, you’ve ditched SVN, Perforce or Visual SourceSafe, and all your code is in Git. What now?

Hugely successful and highly scaled software engineering companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Uber choose to go towards a monolithic repository structure even in the current world of microservices and small empowered teams.

While there are tradeoffs to be considered there is obviously one right way to organize your source code, but how?

This meet-up will be all about choosing the best Git practices for you and your software organization. After the debate you will know the whys, whats and hows of one vs. many Git repositories in a software organization.


‘Scaling with Git: From monolith, to poly repos, to mega repos’ by Kenneth Bøgh, Senior Software Engineer, Uber

Uber is currently moving from a poly repo structure towards mega repos. Kenneth will take us on a journey where he will tell about why Uber have chosen as they did. Kenneth will be sharing some of the experience they have gained from scaling the company and how it have affected their git strategy over time.

‘Repositories for the rest of us’ by Sofus Albertsen, Continuous Delivery Consultant, Praqma

Huge companies invest massive amounts of effort into developer processes and custom tooling fit for cloud scale. But what about the rest of us. When we don’t have thousands of developers, and can’t compile a custom version of Git that fits our needs perfectly. In this talk Sofus will show efficient workflows and tools for the rest of us!



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Scaling with Git - From Monolith, to Poly Repos, to Mega Repos

Kenneth Bøgh, Uber

Repositories for the rest of us

Sofus Albertsen, Praqma

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