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Academia Embraces Continuous “Anything”

IT Universitetet, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S. The Meetup will be in Auditorium 3

A collaborative research project engaging professors and PhD students from ITU, Lund University and Copenhagen Business School, as well as professionals from the software industry, will get their hands dirty, as they set out to investigate the real-world impact of the new “continuous” trends: Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Continuous Software Engineering, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Development etc.

23 Aug 2016
Academia Embracing Continuous

The stakeholders in this research project are inviting to the first in a series of continuous Meetups (pun intended). We want everyone with an interest in the field to come and contribute with real-life input.

The program for the first Meetup is as follows:

We start with a few short presentations

Then follows a panel discussion among the presenters, taking up questions and input from the participants. Participants are encouraged to join the discussion and help establish the current state-of-the-community and to get the possibility to influence the direction of the research project.


In order to enable you to prepare yourself as a participant - with clever questions or sharp ammunition - both the research group and the professionals will issue a few blog posts prior to the Meetup, that will enable you to get a sneak-peek into what the themes and discussions will be.

What we hope to gain

The research project will include professors and PhD students and will run for several years. The industrial relevance of the project and its results is somewhat dependent on getting feedback from the industry, and not least, to be able to observe and analyze companies who are either planning or already going through "continuous" transformations in their organization. The research project sets out with an ambition to measure the actual effect of these initiatives.

So essentially we hope to engage YOU - and to build a community around this research project that can tug along for the journey.

As always: The Meetup is free to attend, and it includes pizza and cold beers or soft drinks.

Registration is required!