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VIP meet-up

For forward-thinking software executives

GitHub and Praqma have entered into partnership in Scandinavia - we believe it’s a perfect match, come and hear why! We’re jointly inviting you to a breakfast-to-lunch seminar of three short workshops that will give you insight on how businesses are transforming by building methodologies and practices that will drive software development into the future.

The event will be held in Copenhagen on June 22nd with the doors opening at 8.45am. Location Lysthuset, Islands Brygge 18, 2300 København S.

22 Jun 2016
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Next Generation Software Development

Next Generation Software Development background image
VIP meet-up

Next Generation Software Development

8.45 – 9.15 Breakfast & Networking

9.15 – 9.25 Welcome by Praqma

9.25 – 9.45 Next Gen Software Development by GitHub

9.45 – 11.15 Three Workshops to Engage & Learn

Each workshop is 30 mins - and we will rotate - so you’ll get to attend all three of them

11.15 Lunch is served

Having attended this seminar, you’ll have more insight on how your company can:


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