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A hands-on meet-up about Concourse

What is it all about?

This meet-up will be a hands-on introduction and workshop on Concourse. SimCorp will host the event, and give us a short introduction to their journey towards a better continuous integration chain in SimCorp. Then, we will dive into Continuous Delivery with Concourse, and look into pipeline configuration and the FLY command amongst other things.

Please remember to bring your own laptop (BYOL). You will also be needing a working git installation and a usable shell. We will provide a Concourse server that you can use for the workshop.

2 Mar 2017
5:00 PM


Weidekampsgade 16
2300 Copenhagen


Concourse Meet-up background image

17:00 Doors open 17:15 Welcome and short presentation Niels Harre, Senior Development Manager at SimCorp 17:45 Introduction to Concourse Jan Krag, Continuous Improvement Agent at Praqma 18:05 Break food and drinks 18:30 Workshop introduction Sonny Singh, Consultant at Praqma 18:50 Hands-on workshop 19:30 Short status check - initial questions 21:15 Wrap-up, demos, Q&A 21:30 Thank you and good bye

More details

Welcome - Niels Harre, Senior Development Manager at SimCorp

SimCorp has over the last many years worked intensively with integrating code and delivering full qualified fixes within 24 hours to our customers. We are hence running more than 50.000 jobs every day to qualify our solution. However, we have over the last few years identified that we want to do more for our production pipeline and deliver better and faster. We are hence in the process of modernizing the Continuous Integration (and eventually also Delivery) pipeline.

We will in a brief presentation present to you the complexity we are facing and invite you to participate in a discussion on potential solutions – let’s hear your thoughts.

Talk 2 - Introduction to Concourse by Jan Krag, Continuous Improvement Agent at Praqma

Jan Krag will briefly talk about some of the modern ‘mantras’ that we preach in the CoDe community, like ‘everything as code’, containerized builds, stateless infrastructure and so on. These areas seem to push the boundaries of ‘classic’ build servers, like Jenkins & Bamboo.

Jan will use this as a springboard to introduce Concourse CI, a recent arrival on the build server stage, and how it seems to have a refreshingly new approach to some of these challenges.

Hands-on workshop - Sonny Singh, Consultant at Praqma

First, the workshop will give an introduction of pipelines (visual). Then, we will look into how a pipeline configuration looks (yaml), how to setup a simple task, resource and script, how to make local folders for a task, and how to use the FLY command.