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Continuous Delivery Users Meetup in Odense

We started a new community of Continuous Delivery Users in Odense, and the first Meetup will be about containerization and container orchestration. Our two speakers will introduce you to Docker and Kubernetes. This will be an opportunity to learn, share experiences and mingle.

Talk 1 - Docker 101
David Christensen will be giving a presentation on docker 101 ! Docker is a popular technology for containerization, but is radically different from ‘old school’ virtual machines - this is an architectural choice which is one of the topics covered in this talk. We will be going through what a Docker container is, how to run it, how to make your own and how to control dependencies through the docker file, as well as data persistence.

Talk 2 - Kubernetes and containers orchestration
Henrik Høegh will be giving an introduction to, a Docker orchestration tool made by Google, inspired by their own internal system named Borg scheduling about 7000 containers per second every day. We will go through the architectural side of Kubernetes and give a demo of a running cluster as well.

It’s a free Meetup, but you have to RSVP here!

31 Jan 2017
5:00 PM


TV 2 Danmark
Rugårdsvej 25
5000 Odense C

TV 2 Danmark

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17:00 Doors open 17:30 Welcome by Sarah Lønholdt and Lars Ajana from TV 2 17:45 Talk 1 - Docker 101 by David Christensen, Problem solver at Praqma Odense 18:30 15-minute break 18:45 Talk 2 - Kubernetes and containers orchestration by Henrik Høegh, DevOps Consultant at Praqma Aarhus 19:30 Discussion & socializing

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