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Continuous Delivery for embedded software

What is it all about?

Continuous Delivery & DevOps are approaches for how to arrange software development processes and departments to continuously secure the quality. Long cumbersome test, deploy and release phases can be avoided by incorporating these disciplines and execute them automatically at every code change.

However, many of the practices are not applied in the embedded world because the literature seems to focus on the mainstream development community. That is a shame, because there is a great deal we can apply on our embedded software development projects.

We’ll cover how to apply some of the key techniques, such as embedded versioning and software traceability, embedded Continuous Delivery pipelines, acceptance testing with hardware, automatic deployment to hardware, and Continuous Deployment.

You will get to meet companies who are working with Continuous Delivery and DevOps at the same level as yourself and engage in open space discussions on all aspects of Continuous Delivery, so feel free to prepare a lightning talk that we can include in the discussion.

We hope to see as many as possible for an exciting day on Continuous Delivery!

This a free and invitation-only event, but you are welcome to contact us, if you wish to attend: jac@praqma.com.

16 Mar 2017


Messecenter Vesthimmerland
Messevej 1
9600 Aars

This event is sponsored by Lyngsoe Systems

Embedded Seminar JUT background image

9:00 Welcome & announcements Setting the agenda for the day 9:15 Roundtable Brief presentation of all companies represented on their experiences with Continuous Delivery 9:30 Presentation on Lyngsoe Systems by Peter Jeggesen, COO 10:00 Break 10:10 Continuous Delivery of Maintainable Embedded Software by Mike Long, Praqma This presentation will share our experience in doing Continuous Delivery in the industrial embedded software world. It will describe how we can do component-based development for multi-product configurations, how to create a release from any version of our software and how we make sure we can maintain any software we have released to a customer. 10:40 Break 10:45 No’Ops, Beyond the DevOps frontier by Lars Kruse, Praqma DevOps is often referred to in the meaning “Closing the gap between Development and Operations” or the analogy of a wall, where “Devs just throw deliveries over the wall to Ops”. This speak is a glimpse into the a very near future where software developers aren’t dependent on Ops at all. 11:15 Introduction to open space discussions 11:30 Lunch 12:15 Facilitated open space discussions 14:45 Wrap-up & evaluate open space discussions 15:00 Version Control for Continuous Delivery by Johan Abildskov, Praqma “Why should I learn git - I’m just a software developer” is a question that we hear a lot. Using a flexible and strong Version Control system is one of the largest enablers for a powerful automation platform. Johan takes us on the story of why Git has won the VCS struggle - and shows how its powerful and lightweight model fits very well in the world of embedded development. 15:45 Wrap-up & thanks for the day!

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