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A free meet-up of the GothPy group

15 things every Python programmer should know

What? Can you do that in Python? 15 things every Python programmer should know! Join us in Gothenburg for a free meet-up and get tooled up.

Joakim Wassberg, who is a professional Python instructor, will show 15 things every Python programmer should know. Not all of the topics will be something you will use in your everyday code, but it will help you get a better understanding of the language and will show the built-in strength and flexibility of Python.

There will be something here for beginners as well as for professional Python programmers. We will cover the easy and the advanced so this evening will be a ride into some of the less known corners of the language where we will find some useful stuff. The goal of the evening is that everyone should learn something new.

Telia has kindly offered to host the meeting. You will also need to register in reception and get a name badge. Praqma and Telia offer the food and drinks.

Let’s dig into Python! Sign-up on MEETUP now!

20 Sep 2017


Johan Willins gata 6
416 64 Göteborg

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