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A meet-up with some talks from this year’s KubeCon in Berlin

Get a taste of this year’s KubeCon’s talks !

Norway was well-represented at this year’s KubeCon in Berlin - so we thought it might be fun to run the talks for the DevOps Norway Meetup group. Join us for the evening!

High Availability Kubernetes on Bare Metal Kamran Azeem, Praqma

To run mission critical applications on your own datacenter you need high availability on every part of the system. In a kubernetes cluster, this includes your controllers, etcd, and even the load balancers. This talk will describe about setting up high availability mechanisms for Kubernetes Controllers and load balancing nodes. It will also cover creating highly available etcd, worker nodes, and other components necessary in a functioning cluster based on a real world project.

Lessons Learned from maintaining Continuous Delivery while migrating from static infrastructure to Kubernetes Audun Fauchald Strand and Øyvind Ingebrigtsen Øvergaard, Finn.no

Finn.no is Norway’s largest website. Whilst running on static infrastructure, we support 300 microservices, 1400 deploys a week, and 6 minutes from git push to production. But our platform didn’t meet the demands of our developers. So we started to migrate our platform from static servers to a dynamic approach, both on premise and in the cloud. We are not yet done with that process, but we have learned a lot. We want to share these learnings with you.

19 Apr 2017
5:00 PM


BEKK Consulting AS
Akershusstranda 21
0150 Oslo

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