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A free meet-up on DevOps and Continuous Delivery

Let’s talk about DevOps culture and how it influences a company.

While a lot of people have come to call build engineers ‘DevOps engineers’, this is not where the term originates from, and it is missing the point of what DevOps culture truly is, and how it impacts an organization - not just on a team to team level, but the whole way through.

A good side topic for this is the core of it, which is Continous Delivery. These two topics are also what Alexandros Papadopoulos and David Christensen from Praqma experience the most in companies where they do consulting, so the presentation will have a healthy dosage of experience from the field.

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26 Oct 2017


EG Team Online Odense
Østerbro 5

DevOps Meet-up ODE background image

17:30 Doors open 18:00 Introduction by our host, EG team online 18:30 A study of DevOps culture 19:00 Break with food and drinks 19:30 Continuous Delivery best practices 20:00 Networking and questions

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