Orchestration meet-up CPH

past event

Orchestration meet-up CPH

Learn about Kubernetes, Swarm and Mesos, and which one offers the best features for you.

Past event 15 Nov 2017 Copenhagen


Wed, 15 Nov 2017, 17:00-20:45, Copenhagen

We are proudly co-organizing this meet-up with the Docker Copenhagen Meetup group and GOTO Nights Copenhagen.

This meet-up will focus on orchestration tools. We have gathered three cool speakers - each talking about different container frameworks. Come and learn about what are the features of these orchestration tools, especially if you are looking to use one of them yourself!

On Swarm - Frederik Mogensen, Trifork: Used Docker professionally in the cloud team at Stibo Systems. We used Docker Compose as the development environment and the Netflix stack for discovery and load balancing. I joined Trifork and I have been using Docker as development tools and for emulating existing production servers in development. With my current project, I am designing the architecture and helping to implement microservices.

On Mesos - Martin Westergaard Lassen, Humio: Martin is a full-stack developer who specialises in object-oriented software design. He’s recently been working with Apache Mesos and Cloud Native Applications. Martin has gained his experience with Apache Mesos by contributing to the Elasticsearch and Logstash frameworks and leading the development of Mesos-Starter.

On Kubernetes - Henrik Høegh, Praqma: Henrik is a Senior Consultant at Praqma with more than 15 years experience within DevOps and Continuous Delivery. He specializes in Docker, Kubernetes and everything Atlassian.



Doors open


Welcome introduction Kevin Simper, Docker Community Leader in Copenhagen


Introduction to Swarm / Mesos / Kubernetes Frederik Mogensen / Martin Westergaard Lassen / Henrik Høegh


Break with food and drinks


Orchestration panel discussion and time for questions Frederik Mogensen / Martin Westergaard Lassen / Henrik Høegh


Raffle - win a Docker prize




See you next time!

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