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This time, we'll listen to "The Structure Of DevOps Revolutions" - London JAX keynote by Michael Long.

Past event 16 Apr 2018 Gothenburg


Mon, 16 Apr 2018, 17:45-20:30, Gothenburg

This time the agenda is as follows:

  • Michael Long, one of the Praqma partners, will join us to share his keynote - The Structure Of DevOps Revolutions that he presented at the London JAX DevOps Conference (9-12th of April) and will present at DevOpsDays Copenhagen (24-25th of April). This talk will provide a new view of the DevOps movement through the lens of scientific and cognitive revolutions.

  • We’ll also have a Lightning Talk conducted by Mikael Johansson on one of the topics we discussed on the last meet-up: Docker vs. rkt, and a quick rundown.




Doors open


Lightning Talk on Docker vs. rkt Mikael Johansson


The Structure Of DevOps Revolutions Michael Long



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