Continuous Delivery

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Continuous Delivery

A pre-conference meet-up to get ready for 'CoDers Who Test' and share Continuous Delivery practices.

Past event 07 May 2018 Gothenburg


Mon, 07 May 2018, 17:45-20:30, Gothenburg

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Let’s warm up for the ‘CoDers Who Test’ conference in Gothenburg on May 15th. Two of the speakers (Emily Bache and Samuel Ytterbrink) will do a talk and exercise on the theme of the conference, Testing and Continuous Delivery, and how that relates to Software Craftmanship.

At this meet-up, Samuel and Emily will speak about ‘Six Significant Practices of Continuous Delivery’. We will also do a hands-on exercise.

Continuous Delivery is about delivering updates to your software reliably, frequently and with high quality. It turns out there are six technical practices that are statistically significantly correlated with success. In this talk we’ll go through what the research says works, and what these significant practices are.



Doors open - Mingle and food


Welcome & introductions


Six Significant Practices of Continuous Delivery Emily Bache & Samuel Ytterbrink


Short Break


Hands-on Exercise


The End

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This is a free meet-up. Just sign-up yourself on the Software Craftsmanship Göteborg group, and you're in!