Python Meet-up

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Python Meet-up

Join the Python community in Gothenburg for a demo on Refactoring Kata with PyCharm

Past event 10 Sep 2018 Gothenburg


Mon, 10 Sep 2018, 17:30-20:15, Gothenburg

The Gilded Rose kata is the most popular exercise Emily Bache has on her github page, with over 900 forks and 55 contributors. She will show you some techniques she’s been using lately that cleans up this code quickly and safely.

What to expect at this meet-up?

  • A demo with PyCharm by Emily Bache & Samuel Ytterbrink
  • A lottery to win a PyCharm license donated by JetBrains (you will get a coupon code for a 1-year individual subscription to any single JetBrains Toolbox product of your choice from among IDEs and .NET Tools.)

You might like to set your laptop up before the meeting with a clone of the repository, and PyCharm installed. (There is a free version available for download here.



Mingle and Sandwiches/pizzas


Welcome and Draw of PyCharm license winner


Live Coding Demo of Solution to Gilded Rose Emily Bache


Short Break


Try out techniques on Gilded Rose in pairs on your own laptops


The End

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