DevOps beyond the fake news

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DevOps beyond the fake news

An evening of DevOps discussions, to learn why an "Agile transformation" is not the best thing you can do.

Past event 29 Nov 2018 Aarhus


Thu, 29 Nov 2018, 16:30-20:00, Aarhus

DevOps is the right way to work in a software development context, yet so many companies get it wrong and live in a world of Fake News.

Join us for an evening of DevOps discussions, and learn why an “Agile transformation” is not the best thing you can do.

Avoiding the Agile Alignment Trap with DevOp, by Mike Long, CTO at Praqma

MIT Sloan Management Review published an article in 2007 titled Avoiding the Alignment Trap in IT. What the researchers discovered is that organizations don’t become high performing by starting initiatives focused on aligning business and technology. Rather, only by improving delivery performance first was it possible to achieve IT Enabled Growth. This presentation shows why this is the case, what supporting evidence has accumulated in the last decade, and how to avoid the common traps that occur in digital transformations.

25 things all companies do wrong, by Johan Abildskov, Continuous Delivery Consultant at Praqma

Against common sense and defying the knowledge on stackoverflow, companies make the same mistakes over and over again. This talk covers horror-stories and happy endings. We touch technical terrors and people problems. The challenges you are facing are neither unique or impossible to overcome, this talk will both remind you of your problems and provide you with possible solutions.



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Avoiding the Agile Alignment Trap with DevOps Mike Long


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25 things all companies do wrong Johan Abildskov




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