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Cloud Native Meet-up CPH

Join us for a lab session on how to Kubernetes

Past event 23 Jan 2018 Copenhagen


Tue, 23 Jan 2018, 17:00-20:00, Copenhagen

For our second meet-up, we will have a hands-on lab session to give you some practical knowledge of Kubernetes. The presenters will give you the foundations of Kubernetes and its primitives, then we’ll do exercises where you can deploy an application on a Kubernetes cluster.

This is a lab session, so bring your own laptop. In order to be able to cover a great deal of topics, we will give you a list to install a set of prerequisites before the meetup.

The presenters will be David Christensen from Praqma who runs workshops on Kubernetes, and Laszlo Fogas independent consultant who worked on numerous Kubernetes projects in the past with developers of all experience level.

Hoping to see you at the meet-up as we believe Kubernetes truly sets a new standard in developer experience and it’s something worth knowing in 2018!!



Doors open




First session - foundations of Kubernetes and its primitives


Food break and socializing


Second session - let's deploy


See you next time!

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