Day of Cloud Native Warm-up

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Day of Cloud Native Warm-up

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Past event 19 Mar 2018 Oslo


Mon, 19 Mar 2018, 18:30-21:00, Oslo

Let’s meet up to share knowledge and tips around Cloud Native.

Inspiring speakers are traveling to Oslo to run workshops at Day of Cloud Native on March 20th, so we invited some of them to share their knowledge and cool demos with the community.

The line-up includes:

  • Cheryl Hung on what the CNCF actually does. Cheryl will give a short as Ambassador of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

  • Ewelina Wilkosz on Jenkins Configuration as Code, a community effort that aims to automate the Jenkins configuration process. It’s time for Everything as code, even Jenkins.

  • Etienne Tremel on helm-monitor, a plugin he recently created. It allows Kubernetes operator to monitor a release and rollback depending on the output of a Prometheus or ElasticSearch query.

  • Ian Crosby on Istio. Ian will demo Istio to collect metrics as well as trace requests for a microservices application, and show how to get a real time view of the traffic flowing through our system with the Istio Dashboard.

This is a free meet-up, open to all whether you plan to attend Day of Cloud Native or not.

If you want to know more about Day of Cloud Native, see the full program and all workshops here.





What does the CNCF actually do? Cheryl Hung


Jenkins Configuration as Code Ewelina Wilkosz




Demo of the Helm-monitor plugin Etienne Tremel


Gaining insight into your stack with Istio Ian Crosby


Networking and goodbyes

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