DevOpsDays CPH Warm-Up

past event

DevOpsDays CPH Warm-Up

Let's talk DevOps and warm up together for the first DevOpsDays in Copenhagen ever!

Past event 23 Apr 2018 Copenhagen


Mon, 23 Apr 2018, 17:00-20:00, Copenhagen

Big news, folks! DevOpsDays - the worldwide series of tech conferences that bring Development and Operations together - is coming to Copenhagen on April 24th-25th!

To get ready for the conference, we have organized a few talks:

  • ‘DevOps Culture - the Evolution of Agile Practices’ by David Christensen, Consultant at Praqma

  • ‘There and Back Again – SimCorp’s Journey to Improve Software Development’ by Niels Harre, Senior Manager at SimCorp

  • ‘App Modernization: Continuous Delivery’s Messy Reality’ by Allan Wagner, Technical Evangelist/Product Manager, IBM Cloud. Textbook Continuous Delivery sounds great. We commit code, build it, deploy into a test lab, test and then promote to production. Clean, simple and effective. But as organizations work to modernize existing applications making sure all the moving parts get tested and delivered together may be a daunting task. The textbook build pipeline may not be good enough. Join Al for a look at how teams can setup Continuous Delivery systems that work in the more complex, even messy, environments we have today.

There will be time for questions, sharing stories, mingling, and some food and drinks.

Let’s gather the local DevOps community for a fun evening!



Doors open




DevOps Culture - the Evolution of Agile Practices David Christensen


Break - food and drinks


There and Back Again – SimCorp's Journey to Improve Software Development Niels Harre


Short Break


App Modernization - Continuous Delivery's Messy Reality Al Wagner


Time to mingle and share your own stories


Goodbye and see you tomorrow at the conference!

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