DevOps Meet-Up Skåne

past event

DevOps Meet-Up Skåne

Come to the DevOps Skåne Meet-up and get a hands-on primer for how to use Ansible to deliver automation!

Past event 09 Apr 2018 Malmö


Mon, 09 Apr 2018, 17:45-20:30, Malmö

Our speaker:

Magnus is a Solution Architect at Red Hat, and based in Malmö. He is an automation and cloud specialist and a Red Hat Certified Engineer with close to +15 years of experience of traditional and cloud type infrastructure.

What are we going to do?

Get a hands-on primer for how to use Ansible to deliver automation in a multitiered world that keeps on changing.

Learn the basics, learn how to write a playbook, how to work with Ansible development in a larger scale and how to test your Ansible automation properly.

What to bring?

Your laptop with an account on Github and SSH client



What is Ansible and why use it?


Hands-on Ansible basics




Ansible development methods and workflows


Ansible playbook development and testing


Thank you for today!

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