Refactoring Kata with Mob Programming

past event

Refactoring Kata with Mob Programming

Theme: supermarket price calculation and receipt printing

Past event 28 Jan 2019 Gothenburg


Mon, 28 Jan 2019, 15:30—20:30, Gothenburg

Emily Bache, Tech Agile coach at Praqma, recently invented a new Refactoring Kata and is keen to try it out with some friendly Software Craftspeople in Gothenburg. The theme is supermarket price calculation and receipt printing. The code has some really deplorable design, and we’re sure we will be able to make some improvements.

We’ll meet over a sandwich then depending on how many we are, split into one or two mob programming groups. The exercise is available in Java, C# and Typescript so we can choose the language at the time depending on what people prefer. See details on github.

For more information about a current open position at Praqma please have a look at this page.



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