Docker Containers in Kubernetes
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Docker Containers in Kubernetes

Let's get some easy Monitoring tools and monitor our Docker Kubernetes solution with Prometheus
Past event

18 Feb 2019 Malmö


Mon, 18 Feb 2019, 17:30-20:00, Malmö View Address

In modern times almost every application is running in Docker, by having such complex solutions to orchestrate Docker, monitoring becomes more complex and near to unsolvable tackle. Let’s brake this stereotype and get some easy Monitoring tools and Monitor our Docker Kubernetes solution with Prometheus. In Presentation we are going to cover how to monitor Docker in Kubernetes and how to get notified (in Slack) when something goes wrong.

Karen Har-yan (@gangsta), Automation Engineer at Jexia:

Open source and Devops Movement believer, sometimes funny* automation engineer with experience in automation and testing. Organizer of Skåne HashiCorp User Group and DevOps Skåne.



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Monitoring Docker Containers in Kubernetes

Karen Har-yan, Jexia

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