SCM in a DevOps context

past event

SCM in a DevOps context

An evening to talk about what kind of SCM is needed in a DevOps context

Past event 22 Aug 2019 Copenhagen


Thu, 22 Aug 2019, 16:30-18:00, Copenhagen

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is an important foundation for any project to work in a smooth and successful way.

SCM has well-established practices for more traditional ways of development, but very little is known about what SCM is needed and how it should be carried out in a DevOps context. The various StateOfDevOps reports give no or only superficial mentioning of SCM, so we decided to investigate more closely how to match SCM with DevOps.

At this meetup we will present our preliminary finding, that we would very much like to discuss with DevOps and SCM practitioners. We would also like to get into contact with DevOps teams/companies for further collaboration.

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