Approval Testing Workshop

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Approval Testing Workshop

Workshop on Getting High Regression Test Coverage Quickly using Approval Testing

Past event 14 Aug 2019 Gothenburg


Wed, 14 Aug 2019, 17:30—20:30, Gothenburg View Address

Emily Bache, Technical Agile Coach at Praqma, will run a workshop at this meet-up in order to prepare for conferences in the autumn. She needs volunteers to test the exercises. Is that for you?

In this workshop you will learn a technique for quickly adding regression tests, and in what situations you can use it. Everyone in the workshop will see and try out Approval testing on at least two different problems, and learn about the strengths, weaknesses and applicability of the technique.

Suitable for: developers and testers who do automation.

Exercises are available in several programming languages, including Java and C#. Bring a laptop with a IDE that can show code coverage. eg IntelliJ, Eclipse, Rider or Visual Studio with the dotCover plugin. For Python you’ll need the paid version of PyCharm or to install the coverage module and work on the command line.

Below are links to some exercises we might look at. (We won’t have time for all of them). It is useful to clone them rather than just downloading a zip of the sourcecode, since you need to be able to switch branch. If you can clone them in advance it will save time:



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