An introduction to Traefik

past event

An introduction to Traefik

An open source and dynamic edge proxy

Past event 09 Sep 2019 Malmö


Mon, 09 Sep 2019, 17:30-20:30, Malmö View Address

This talk introduces Traefik, an open source and dynamic edge proxy, built for a world of containers. Simplicity and automation are key concepts, so developers don’t waste time configuring or renewing SSL certificates. Traefik removes the need to update routing configurations by interfacing to backends such as Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos, and Consul, providing dynamic configuration.

With the upcoming version 2.0, Traefik is now supporting TCP and a lot of brand new features. We’ll cover these novelties as first class citizen concepts.

Damien Duportal Traefik’s Developer Advocate at Containous and freelancer. Former Training Engineer at CloudBees. Docker mentor. Human stack focused. Rock climber. Passionate. Contact him on github.



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Look Ma’, a Dynamic Edge Proxy with HTTP, TCP and no Hands! Damien Duportal


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