Automation Night

*A free meet-up for Continuous Delivery Users in Aarhus*{:.orange}

A free meet-up for Continuous Delivery Users in Aarhus

The focus of this Automation Night will be on log management and continuous integration. Join us for a fun evening!

Peter Mechlenborg from Humio will talk about Log management and analysis. Logs play an important role when you want to know how your system is doing. Peter will talk about log management and analysis with examples from Humio.

Jeppe Reinhold from Bambuu.dk will talk about CI made simple - CircleCI with node.js. As a small team of developers, it’s important for Bambuu to spend more time on developing, and less time on build-tools and automation. In this talk, Jeppe will cover how they’ve simplified their automation setup using CircleCI to achieve just this. As they mainly develop in JavaScript and node.js, he’ll describe some of their experiences with automating node.js, and (hopefully) do some live coding setting up a fresh automation flow in few minutes.

Let’s talk automation all night! Sign-up on MEETUP now!

9 Oct 2017


16:30 Doors open 17:00 Log management and analysis Peter Mechlenborg from Humio 17:45 Sandwich break 18:00 CI made simple - CircleCI with node.js Jeppe Reinhold from Bambuu.dk 18:30 Networking

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