KubeCon CPH Warm-Up

Meet other Cloud Natives to get prepared all together for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen!

30 Apr 2018 Copenhagen

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Mon, 30 Apr 2018, 17:30-20:30, Copenhagen

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We are planning a few short talks, some mingling time and a panel discussion to get ready for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon.

The line-up of talks:

  • Serverless Containers with Azure Container Instances by Justin Luk, Program Manager at Microsoft

Learn about how containers are entering the cloud as a compute primitive. We’ll cover how Azure Container Instances (ACI) provide a rapid, simple way to deploy containers to the cloud. We will discuss scenarios such as how ACI enables simple scenarios such as dev/test in the cloud and more complex ones such as burst scaling in Kubernetes through the open-source virtual-kubelet project. Bring questions, comments, and thoughts as we discuss the future of cloud-native computing!

  • Automating Helm deployments to Kubernetes with Helmsman by Sami Alajrami, PhD and Consultant at Praqma

Helmsman enables you to automate the lifecycle management of Helm releases in your cluster using a declarative syntax. The declarative syntax describes how to connect to your cluster and what is the desired state of your charts. Helmsman then compares your desired state with the actual state in the cluster and decides whether to install/upgrade/delete/roll back/move your releases for you. Hence, allowing you to maintain your Helm releases from code.

  • Kubernetes Registry: what is it and why it is importan? Craig Peters Director of Product, Partnerships at Jfrog

To run on Kubernetes your apps are packaged in Docker containers. How do you answer questions about the containers you’re deploying to Kubernetes? Those containers necessarily contain lots of other packages created by many different teams within and outside your organization. You need to know what is in them, if they are of the quality you demand, and if they are secure. You can do this while giving your developers the data they need to go fast with confidence. How? The Kubernetes Registry.

  • Kubernetes and Lego Mindstorm by Guus van Weelden, Loodse Developer

You loved Lego in your childhood and today you’re managing a Kubernetes fleet? Why not combine both? Lego Mindstorm gives you a hard and software framework for building simple robots with your Lego bricks and it runs on an Ubuntu-based operating system. So, let’s deploy a bunch of “kubelets” to them and set up a Kubernetes cluster to the Lego Mindstorm controllers and manage our fleet of robots via our daily tooling.





Kubernetes Registry - what is it and why it’s important?

Craig Peters


Automating Helm deployments to Kubernetes with Helmsman

Sami Alajrami


Break with sandwiches


Serverless Containers with Azure Container Instances

Justin Luk


Kubernetes and Lego Mindstorm

Guus van Weelden




Panel Discussion




Good bye and see you at KubeCon!

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