A free meet-up for Continuous Delivery Users before CoDe-CPH

*Free pre-conference meet-up*{}

Free pre-conference meet-up

As great speakers are coming to Copenhagen for CoDe-CPH on September 12th, we have invited them to share their ideas with the community of Continuous Delivery Users.

NICOLE FORSGREN CEO & Chief Scientist at DORA, and Lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports

How Metrics Shape Your Culture: The most innovative organizations use metrics to measure the right things so they can make their DevOps awesome. You want to measure the right things, too - but where should you start? You need to know what you want to measure, what not to measure, and what to watch out for. Because the secret is that metrics shape your culture - and Nicole will show you how.

KRIS BUYTAERT DevOps, Linux, and Open Source Expert, Inuits

Groovy, There’s a Docker in My Application Pipeline: In the era of Infrastructure as Code we strive to automate everything. This talk will discuss our experiences in automating the deployment of building continuous delivery pipelines and solving testing and application packaging problems. We’ll take a popular Open Source dashboard application and show how we build and test the platform using containers. We’ll also discuss how we use the Jenkins DSL to automate the generation of this pipeline so we can easily repeat this pattern for other applications.

11 Sep 2017


Maersk T&L - IT
Dampfærgevej 21
2100 København Ø


17:00 Doors open 17:30 Welcome and announcements Rasmus Hald, Cloud Architect Manager at Mærsk 17:45 How Metrics Shape Your Culture Nicole Forsgren, CEO & Chief Scientist at DORA and Lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports 18:15 Break 18:30 Groovy, There’s a Docker in My Application Pipeline Kris Buytaert, DevOps, Linux, and Open Source Expert at Inuits 19:00 Mingle

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