Measure your DevOps Transformation

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Measure your DevOps Transformation

A Free Breakfast Seminar for Executives, Managers, and DevOps Leaders

Past event 09 Oct 2019 Copenhagen


Wed, 09 Oct 2019, 08:30—12:00, Copenhagen View Address

Are you in the middle of a DevOps transformation? Or are you considering launching an enterprise DevOps initiative? If you are a leader within your organization then this seminar is something for you.

In this breakfast seminar, we will present topics related to how key metrics can help you better understand the progress of your DevOps transformation, and how to use them to shape the right behaviors within your organization.

This is a free event for Executives, Managers, DevOps Leaders, and similar profiles. Secure your place today.

The seminar will start with a keynote on why key measures are such an important part of any DevOps transformation journey. Then, we will dive into which specific metrics are most beneficial and open up for questions and discussions.**

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Breakfast & Mingle




Keynote - Why Key Measures are such an Important Part of any DevOps Transformation journey
Chris Gargiulo, Eficode


Lightning Talk - Differences between Metrics, KPIs and OKRs
Johan Abildskov, Praqma




Lightning Talks
Quantifying Progress at the Organization Level
Optimizing third-party Vendor Relationships with Metrics
Do’s and Dont's of Dashboards, Alerts and Visualizations
Chris Gargiulo, Eficode & Johan Abildskov, Praqma