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15 Jun 2016
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Working smarter with GitHub



17:00 Welcome

17:05 Food and drinks

17:30 Working Smarter To Make Happier More Efficient Developers, GitHub

18:15 A pragmatic workflow

A workflow automated and optimized for simplicity, Praqma

19:00 Discussion & Socialize

A joint GitHub & Praqma Meetup

1. Working Smarter To Make Happier More Efficient Developers

We’ll touch upon development best practices focusing on collaboration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Improvement. We will look at ways to bring your tools into your chat interface so that you and your co-workers can be better informed of events happening with your development, deployments, or build status.

We will explore some collaboration best practices, but also how to find good projects and people to collaborate with.

Lastly, we’ll see how to refactor code with some science and how all of these pieces help make happier developers who ship better code.

2. A pragmatic workflow — A workflow automated and optimized for simplicity

Imagine a workflow so sophisticated, that you couldn’t break the integration branch even if you tried. And at the same time you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else than your terminal and your favorite IDE to manage issues, promotions and deploys.

We’ll present the ideal workflow from the perspective of a developer using a simple, minimalistic toolstack consisting of Git, GitHub,, Jenkins and just a couple tools simple tools.

Speakers: Bas Peters, GitHub Bas is a Solutions Engineer at GitHub. He is fascinated by software and how it eats everything and enjoys helping people to understand the power and beauty of Git and GitHub.

Lars Kruse, Praqma Lars Kruse is Continuous Delivery Coach at Praqma. He has throughout his entire career been working with software configuration management, processes automation, quality assurance and agile software development. Works by the DORITH principle: Do the RIght THing.

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